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Air freight: an agreement signed by Web Cargo and Nova Systems

The agreement concerns the automatic acquisition of freight rates from the clients' database

Web Cargo and Nova Systems have signed an agreement which will revolutionize the activities of air consignments. The agreement is for the automatic acquisition of freight rates directly from the database of its clients, with the aim of definitively eliminating manual updating. With the agreement recently signed by Manel Galindo, CEO of Web Cargo, supplier of software for the management of air freight tariffs, and by Valerio Avesani, CEO of Nova Systems, the logistics solution BeOne now makes use of an important applications service.

With the Nova Systems solution for air freight forwarders it will be possible to be automatically updated on the offers of air companies, in a sector in continuous and constant evolution. Avesani says, “Until today transporters updated air tariffs manually, while with the agreement signed by Web Cargo, the supplier of software services for the management of air freight rates, and by Nova Systems, clients are guaranteed a notable saving in terms of time, a greater precision of information, and greater security for their data.” With a click on the BeOne suite it will, in fact, be possible to synchronize general quotations directly with our clients’ database, thus allowing the transporter to gain a considerable competitive advantage. Currently being studied is the same implementation, realized for Web Cargo’s air service and integrated into the BeOne, for maritime company freight rates.

Data: 30-07-2014

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