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B2B electronic billing Nova Systems launches BeOne E-Invoice software

The new module enables the corporate processes to be digitised

New E-Invoice software for transport and logistics companies 

From 1 January 2019 electronic billing will become mandatory between private economic operators (B2B). Nova Systems, an Information & Communication Technology company, is ready to offer a prompt and effective service. In BeOne’s In Cloud solution, created for the world of international shipments, customs, transport and logistics, Nova Systems’ Research and Development Centre has implemented the new BeOne e-invoice software for electronic invoicing

“Electronic Billing is a process regulated by Italian law that enables both the accounts receivable and the accounts payable of the invoices of a company to be managed and stored directly in digital format. Electronic billing between private companies can become a great opportunity for Italian businesses. It is an opportunity to digitize the corporate processes, simplifying them and making them innovative, secure and simple,” says Chief Software Architect of Nova Systems, Riccardo Tarocco. “For example, scanning a document and saving it as a PDF allows it to be dematerialized and reused in the corporate processes, with the implications for the ecological aspect that this innovation brings with it.” The economic advantages, according to Tarocco, are multiple: “The purchase of paper, envelopes and stamps is reduced, lowering the cost of printing and shipments. Moreover, there are not costs for archive space, the manual activities and time dedicated to the search for archived documents are reduced.”

Electronic billing will become mandatory from 1 January 2019

The major advantage of the B2B Electronic Invoice will not only be gained by abandoning paper, but above all by digitizing the internal processes of the company. “This is already happening today in BeOne, for example, when we receive an EDI message and we automatically create a shipment. The process of entering the shipment is digitized, avoiding the costs arising from data entry and any compilation errors, thereby freeing up corporate resources,” continues Tarocco. With the BeOne e-invoice module, the processes of the Assignor (Accounts Receivable) and the Assignee (Accounts Payable) will be digitized. “The digitizing of the accounts payable will have the benefit of automatically obtaining the recording of the document in the accounts and implementing the automatic process of reconciliation of the forecast costs calculated for the assignee, avoiding the manual control processes of supplier invoices. By digitizing the accounts receivable, the respective invoice will be created and forwarded to the SDI, avoiding printing the document and the respective sending in paper or electronic form.”

The obligation introduced by the Budget Law 2018 lays down that commercial activities between VAT registered companies shall be regulated exclusively by electronic invoices in specific XML format and received through the System of Interchange (SDI). The AgID directives expressed in the Code of Digital Administration require a system to be adopted able to ensure the authenticity of the digitised documents, with legal and fiscal validity, maintaining their accessibility and immutability for a period of 10 years.

Data: 26-07-2018

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