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BeOne at school: The software enters classrooms becoming a school subject

The “BeOne@School” by NovAcademy broadens its horizons

BeOne solution becomes a subject of study. Thanks to an agreement between Nova Systems and ITS Mobilità Sostenibile, the technical high school located in Bergamo which forms and places professional figures in the fields of transports and logistics, the managerial software enters in didactic laboratories.
The initiative was launched during last academic year, within NovAcademy’s “BeOne at School” project, Nova Systems’ high level formation structure, and is ready to become fully operational at the start of the new school year after a first testing stage.

“We are very satisfied with this new partnership. It is an important investment for us, but we have always believed in formation and professional growth of young people, in order to help them build their own future – states Nova Systems’Organization Manager Barbara Avesani  – . Students can put into practice what they learn at school thanks to our solution, realizing first hand what it means to organize a shipment or managing a storage. NovAcademy’s project, “BeOne@School”, was already put in motion thanks to a cooperation with ITS Marconi of Verona and is now open to parauniversity institutions”.

The students of Bergamo ITS use Nova Systems’ solution

Avesani underlines a double value of the project: “The objective is to facilitate students in entering the working world in the field of international shipping, transports, customs and logistics. These are students who have to attend a 400 hours stage and are accurately prepared for the working world’s challenges. On the other hand, thanks to the collaboration with ITS, Nova Systems’ customers have the chance to host young people who already know the instruments used for managing transports and logistics”.

The “BeOne at School” project can further count on the cooperation with Enaip Lombardia and has already started in the following courses: “4.0 Industry – Transports – Logistics And Supply Chain Management”, taking place at Melzo ITS, in the province of Milan, and “Shipping, Transports And Logistics Technician”, which is held in Cantù (Como).
“These two locations will soon be available also for NovAcademy’s lessons which Nova Systems offers to its customers”. Barbara Avesani adds: “The Next step for “BeOne@School” will be to prepair ITS professors, so as to make the academic staff more and more competent and independent in holding courses in BeOne to their students. We know the ITS graduates high occupation rate (about 80%) are making more and more young people choose these study courses in alternative to the University ones. We also registered a certain satisfaction by our customers, who can employ students adequately prepared at the end of their studies”.

Data: 31-07-2019

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