Dia del Transitario

Nova Systems attended the event DIA del transitario


Nova Systems is all the more integrated in the spanish market. The Information & Communication Technology company, with offices in Barcellona, attended the event as a DIA del transitario partner. The event took place the last few days in the Catalan capital and was organized by Ateia – Oltra, the international forwarders association in Barcellona on the occasion of the 39 year anniversary festivities.

During the event Dia del transitario, the Ateia President Emili Sanz, reintroduced the need to “safeguard the Forwarding Agents reputation against those who improvise as qualified professionals, in an enviroment full of vitality and energy.”  A need that was sustained by Josep Rull Minister of Territory and Sustainibility, who, in this challange, guaranteed his support to the association.

We share the thoughts of the president of Ateia. Today, the market is constantly evolving, therefore the international forwarding industry, logistics, customs and transport cannot be managed unprofessionally or improvised.  This is why the growth of the forwarding industry must be accompanied by software solutions on the same level as the specific needs of operators in the forwarding industry. Nova Systems is doing much in terms of technology, improving the operational platform of the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite software solution, and contributing to create a business culture with specific initiatives”.

In the last few months, in the Ateia headquarters, Nova Systems organized an event entitled “BeOne, much more than a transport management software, of which many forwarders in the field participated in order to be witness to Nova Systems’ innovative new ideas.  At the event, Vicente Sorli, Professor at the University of Valencia for Strategies and information technology, was a guest.  “At the event we were pioneers to what was affirmed by President Sanz and of Minister Rull. During the meeting in Ateia we offered ideas and solutions for operators in the field which aim at specializing and positioning their companies on an international level. Management software represents a competitive edge for forwarders and Cloud is unavoidable for more modern and innovative businesses, particularly modules such as Business Intelligence, CRM software and Collaboration Platform. Nova Systems is constantly committed to researching new functions in order to make their clients more competitive towards challenges the market throws their way.

Data: 18-05-2016

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