Highlights of the second edition of Business Week from 18 to 22 October

martina gonella business week

From listening and comparing, new opportunities always arise. This was the spirit behind the second edition of Nova Systems Business Week, the cycle of webinars promoted from October 18 to 22 to allow companies in the field of international shipping, customs, transport and logistics to refine their business strategy and optimize their operations.


One hour a day to learn about the latest market innovations. Here’s what emerged during the webinars. 


MONDAY 18 OCTOBER: “How to make flows within terminals efficient.” 

Evento ''Come rendere efficienti i flussi all'interno dei terminal''

Managing the logistics flow correctly and effectively is crucial. From production to marketing, there are key steps such as transportation, storage and distribution. The challenge for companies in the sector is to optimize these crucial areas, which involve people and information. We talked about this during the first event of the Business Week, entitled “How to make efficient the flows inside the terminals” (in the picture the moderator Martina Gonella, from Nova Systems Commercial Management), whose protagonists were Maurizio Sartori, TMS Product Specialist and Stefano Avesani TMS Product Manager.



TUESDAY 19 OCTOBER: “WMS flexibility the key to success.”

E-Commerce e Gestione dei resi business week ottobre

What characteristics must a logistics organization possess to best respond to external stresses? The answer was provided during the webinar entitled “WMS flexibility the key to success” held by Giuseppe Riccardi, WMS Product Specialist, and Diego Dal Ben, WMS Account Manager. Technology and innovations in the world of logistics come to the aid of companies in the sector, which can thus count on a valid software support, able to carry out every activity in the best possible way.




WEDNESDAY 20 OCTOBER: “Collaboration Platform serving customers: the new era of digitization.”

Collaboration Platform business week ottobre

Mario Miriamoli, Chief Sales Officer and Riccardo Tarocco, Chief Software Architect, illustrated the potential of the new collaborative platform, which includes services and functionalities that allow real-time interaction with customers. Goodbye, then, to exchanging e-mails and phone calls with customers to quote shipments: a great leap in quality that allows the shipper and the logistics operator to optimize their business.




THURSDAY 21 OCTOBER: “EDIs as Opportunities for Businesses. Where to intervene to increase corporate business.”

Beniamino Weiss ospite del case history business week ottobre

The professional experience of Beniamino Weiss, Business Consultant, EDP Manager Shipping and Transportation, characterized the webinar entitled “Edi as an opportunity for companies. Where to intervene to increase corporate business”, attended by Filippo Menditto, Research & Development Manager. The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system is in fact destined to revolutionize the activities of operators in the sector. Speed and precision in the exchange of information have become characteristics of priority importance.



FRIDAY 22 OCTOBER: “How to succeed in supply management with your IT partner: Customer and Supplier for a win win approach”Alberto Leva ospite del Case History

“How to succeed in supply management with your IT partner: Customer and Supplier for a win-win approach” was the webinar that closed the October edition of Business Week. The webconference, always moderated by Martina Gonella, was attended by Barbara Avesani, Business Developer, and Alberto Leva, Consultant. It was an opportunity to talk about how the Nova Systems support service has evolved in recent years, becoming more proactive, with the implementation of new functions and control tools, including the ticketing system, which allows the customer-supplier relationship to make a significant leap in quality.

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