ISO/IEC 27001 certification

Cloud, Nova Systems requests ISO/IEC 27001 certification: “Data security guaranteed to clients”

Regulations require a detailed evaluation of all risk categories

In a setting, where the role of Cloud software in the world of business is becoming increasingly more established, Nova Systems is turning its attention to dependability of its software services. To assure its clients the best data security, the company has began the process of obtaining the ISO/IEC 27001 certification of “Information Security Management”, among the first in Italy’s IT sector for logistics, transport, international shipping and customs.

Nova Systems is beginning to expand internationally and this has led it to the opening of new locations abroad: in Spain, Mexico, Switzerland and shorty, in France, which join locations already in existence in Italy, in Verona, Milan and Prato. “For our clients, as for any organization today, data is indispensable for the performance of every activity,” explains Massimo Dolci, the company’s Quality & Security Manager. “By offering services in Cloud, we have taken on the job of managing and archiving this informational pool. Therefore, data security has become of primary importance to us. The risks are many and include data inaccessibility, loss, misplacement and theft. The solutions that we employ to guarantee the absolute inviolability of information have both technical and organizational aspects.”

The company targets dependability of software services

The purpose of ISO/IEC 27001 certification regulations is to assure, in line with internationally recognized criteria, that all risk categories are adequately assessed and managed with the aim of establishing a safe data management system. “The commitment to obtain a certification in line with this standard serves as an additional guarantee that Nova Systems desires to give to its clients, both Italian and foreign,” continues Dolci. “Abroad, the practice of evaluating a service following standardized criteria is more widespread. However, in Italy, fields such as data security, disaster recovery and business continuity are receiving increasing attention as well.”

Dolci mentions that over time, Nova Systems “has invested considerable resources into the perfection of its systems as a guarantee of the continuity of services and to the advantage of logistical and physical security of information managed in its Server Farm. Since 1998, the year in which Nova Systems became one of the first Italian companies to start offering services in Cloud, there has been no system breaches or loss of data, and the integrity and confidentiality of client data has never been compromised. Our current objective is to optimize risk evaluation and management process, rendering it more systematic and performing it following methodologies shared and verifiable by external agencies.” In addition, since 2002, Nova Systems has adopted an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System and has operated in line with methodologies aimed at constant improvement: “With the ISO 27001 certification, we are taking an additional step in this direction,” continues Dolci. The certification is issued by agencies accredited by the appropriate Government Authority following a series of controls that guarantee that all possible threats, of environmental, technologic or human nature, are taken into consideration and handled in a coherent manner.

“Nova Systems has always invested in outsourcing software;” concludes Dolci. “Now, even more so than before, the market has realized the advantages of the Cloud. We believe that the success of a software solution is dictated by its innovation, which is closely linked to data security”.

Data: 23-09-2015

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