logistics operators and freight forwarders

NovAcademy, Nova Systems’ training sessions for logistics operators and freight forwarders

Courses take place throughout the year and can also be offered online

In a constantly evolving market, characterized by continuous innovations, professional training becomes a priority. In order not to fall behind the competitors, it is therefore necessary to focus on training for logistics operators and freight forwarders.

Nova Systems’ clients can count on the support of NovAcademy, the training centre of the ICT company that enhances the skills of businesses’ operators using the BeOne logistics solution, with the aim to take full advantage of the management software potential devised for logistics operators and freight forwarders.

Clients can count on the support of the ICT company

NovAcademy offers courses scheduled throughout the year, in which freight forwarders can enrol their employees who want to learn to the fullest the operational features of BeOne. The training sessions are complete and innovative, thanks to a teaching staff composed of professionals and managers of the sector. Training will take place both through online courses and workshops with practical exercises that will be held in the Nova Systems offices in Verona and Milan. Companies will be able to increase the knowledge and skills of their collaborators for a minimum investment, which can be recovered thanks to professional funds.

Meanwhile, the pilot project of NovAcademy continues, aiming to involve technical institutes and universities to promote the entry of students into the working world, in connection with the international shipping, transport, customs and logistics fields.

Data: 15-04-2019

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