Porsche GT Championship, Selva wins the Vallelunga stage

The team sponsored by BeOne gets to within a point of the top of the table

Great success last weekend at the Italian Porsche GT Championship for our Livio Selva of the Ebimotors team, sponsored by BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite, the software application from Nova Systems. Victory came in the stage held at Vallelunga (Rome). The Selva team, winner of the last championship under the Porsche tricolour, had been six points adrift from the leaders, but thanks to Race 1 and Race 2, which were conducted following a perfect strategy, it has now come to within a point of the top of the table.

“The aim was to come fourth in race 1, given that we had to deduct a 10 second penalty arising from the previous race, and first in race 2, which was held on Sunday. Our expectations were confirmed on the track,” said Livio Selva, who is chairman of the Swiss branch of Nova Systems. “It couldn’t get any better. The GT Championship is once again open: the result confirms the potential of the team and fills us with renewed energy for the coming four races.” For the Ebimotors team, the last two stages, 27 September in Misano and 18 October in Mugello, will be decisive.

Data: 15-09-2015

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