StarTracking from Cargo Start integrates with BeOne: real-time status updates in a single platform

beone cargo star star tracking nova systems

A single platform able to update the status of shipments in real-time. Nova Systems‘ customers will be able to check with a click, at any time, the information about the transport, from booking to release of goods, thanks to the integration of BeOne management software with StarTracking, the first airport-to-airport tracking system based on real and contextual data and developed by Cargo Start. Nova Systems, which specializes in cloud solutions for the world of shipping and logistics, has formed a new partnership with the leading provider of digital transformation and technological innovation in the air cargo industry. The start-up is focused on creating innovative, high-value digital solutions for shippers, ground handling companies and air carriers, with an emphasis on connectivity, messaging exchange and tracking.

“The integration with Cargo Start’s system addresses the growing need of freight forwarders and their customers to improve the quality, transparency and visibility of shipments. In fact, an important priority of the air cargo industry is to improve the visibility and transparency of flows related to the transportation of goods,” says Maurizio Sartori, Nova Systems’ Product Manager. Cargo Start, continues Emanuele Vurchio, General Manager of the company based in Rome, “relies heavily on the integration of its solutions in the TMS of its customers because the management of operational processes from a single platform significantly increases efficiency and productivity. We are pleased with the strengthening of our collaboration with Nova Systems, with whom we share the goal of improving logistics productivity through innovative technology solutions. In particular, we are confident that the integration of our high-value flight tracking service into an effective and widely deployed TMS such as BeOne, can provide a major boost in improving visibility and traceability in our industry.”

Nowadays, freight forwarders can use one of the following methods for air tracking: contact the carrier directly (via e-mail or telephone), rely on EDI messages (CargoIMP/FSU, CargoXML/XFSU) or consult the portal of the carrier operating the shipment. These methods require direct actions, which do not lead to a certain and standardized result and imply costs related to the activity of the human resources employed. Thanks to the new integration between BeOne and StartTracking at the time of booking, the system provides detailed information about the planned schedule for the shipment and updates in real-time the data related to the shipment cycle.  

The representation of the shipment cycle with StarTracking is done through the creation of a model called “Route Map“, a dataset that highlights all events, from booking to delivery, and the related timing. Visualization through the “Route Map” allows you to compare the planned with the actual, and is available in two versions: CiQ Route Map, generated with information compliant with the IATA quality program, and Simple Route Map, created with information provided by the systems of carriers not participating in the program. Tracking allows to intervene promptly in case of irregularities thanks to the active monitoring of the shipment cycle and to a highly customizable notification system, which allows to obtain only the information of interest. Finally, the system offers advanced features such as the Time Machine, which allows you to identify discrepancies at any stage of the shipment through the creation of “snapshots” that can be consulted at any time, and the premium StarTower function, which shows an overview of shipments in a given time frame.

“Nova Systems is constantly looking for companies with a strong innovative vocation, with which to enter into important agreements with a view to making the work of freight forwarders and logistics operators easier and more effective. The integration with StarTracking of Cargo Start is destined to improve the workflow of the users”, concludes Sartori.

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