Defibrillator nova systems

Nova Systems adheres to the Cardio Protected City project

Representatives of San Martino Buon Albergo municipality and the Green Cross Ambulance were present at the inauguration

A few days ago, a new defibrillator was installed in the corridor next to the Nova Systems headquarters, in Verona. One of Valerio Avesani’s desire has become reality.

“Our firm support prevention: for this reason, the DAE was positioned outside the Nova Systems headquarters, so that it may be available to the operators and visitors of the Verona Est commercial center”, highlighted Nova System’s president Ivano Avesani. The inaugural ceremony was attended by the Deputy-mayor of San Martino Buon Albergo and by representatives of the Green Cross Ambulance.

“We adhered to the Cardio Protected City project and we put the defibrillator in the corridor next to the Nova Systems entrance, as Valerio would have wanted, so that it may be accessible to everybody at any moment, even when the firm is closed”, explained the president. The DAE is contained in an alarmed case to discourage delinquents and is equipped with a tracking device.

The device was installed outside the firm

“We promised to turn my father’s dream into reality, and I am happy to see it realized on the doors of the firm he created. I am also gratified that the defibrillator is available to the workers of the commercial center and to the many visitors who circulate around this area”, added the Organizational Manager Barbara Avesani, who underlined: our firm will organize a four-hour course, useful to all those who will want to learn how to use the defibrillator. People must not be intimidated by it, on the contrary: it is an instrument that needs to be used in case of necessity, since the statistics state that 70% of the cardiac arrests happen when there is another person present who could intervene, unfortunately only in 15% of the cases the right life-saving maneuvers are applied. Those maneuvers could radically change the outcome of the attack”.

Date: 01-10-2019

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