Convegno ETN

ETN meets in Oslo for the customs management

Martellini of Nova Systems coordinated the conference, sponsored by EurTradeNet

The internationalization process pursued by Nova Systems is not only about the opening of branches abroad but also active participation in international organizations such as EurTradeNet-ETN for the customs sector. The organization, which brings together companies that supply IT solutions, is one of the main players in the process of the modernization of European Customs management and recently staged a major conference in Oslo.

ETN Italy is engaged in creating synergies with the competent national institutions and professional bodies, ensuring their awareness regarding the implementation of alternative customs IT solutions before the new regulations come into force and offering practical help in simplifying and improving customs processes and systems.

On 1 May, the measures of the EU Customs Code came into force

“It was an opportunity to examine some aspects of the customs world in-depth and for a comparison among ITC companies in Europe.  The development of the sector was discussed in the light of the new EU customs code,” said Martellini. “The measures came into force on 1 May with the aim of introducing more rapid and uniform customs procedures through digitisation. BeOne’s customs software is integrated with the TMS, WMS and BOOKKEEPING application modules of the management application. The new regulations are implemented in the Nova Systems solution in order to reduce the times of customs clearance and to provide users with traceability throughout the entire import/export cycle, and the conduct of the associated controls.”   A total of 22 companies from various countries attended the meeting, in which the key contacts from DHL Express Norway and Kenneth Persson, Director of EU Affairs and International Coordinator of Swedish customs took part.

“We don’t restrict ourselves to opening new branches, but give added value to organizations and European round tables, especially in the field of customs. The aim is to make all levels of the institutions aware of the problems and opportunities of the sector.  Creating a connection between ITC companies and the Customs enables our clients to benefit from even more effective services”.

Data: 21-06-2017

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