The Levia supply chain hub at SIL Barcelona

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The new Levia-branded supply chain hub, which has Nova Systems and Espritec España as two internationally excellent IT Companies, will be presented at the SIL Logistics Exhibition in Barcelona, June 7-9, 2023.

A logistics innovation hub that is also taking root in the Spanish market and aims to make companies increasingly interconnected, in every corner of the world with technological services that can make the difference for companies in the sector. “Our companies have joined forces to become together an international reference in the supply chain solutions sector. It was a natural evolution, thanks to the Levia vision, a large Group that brings together the excellence of the IT sector, – say Nova Systems Business Developer Barbara Avesani and Managing Director of Espritec España Fabrizio Tonnarelli-. Our software and services enable operators to manage all their activities, a real digitalisation hub that ranges from software to the web, from hardware to systems, from cloud technologies to training and consultancy services”.

SIL will be an opportunity to get a closer look at the software developed for the supply chain, including BeOne Global, EasyTMS, EasyTRACK and E-Frame, in the Levia, Nova Systems and Espritec España exhibition space, located at stand D416. “We will be glad to present the solutions adapted to corporate needs, in a business and growth-oriented perspective,” conclude Avesani and Tonnarelli.



BeOne Global
The BeOne management software becomes multi-company and multi-transport, to allow company employees to manage different transport types and traffic sectors in a single shipment. The Nova Systems software also includes BeOne Geocoding, resulting from the BeOne integration with the Google Platform, to enable users to further speed up data entry and increase data quality.

EasyTMS from Espritec España is the solution that simplifies transport management. The digital platform is always just a click away, allowing the user to plan shipments quickly and easily at any time. In fact, Easy TMS is much more than a transport management software, it is the complete and integrated solution to optimize the entire operational process, from planning to delivery, passing through electronic invoicing too.

With Easy TRACK companies are always one step ahead, thanks to full visibility of shipment status. The mobile app means the operator no longer has to worry about missed deliveries. Reliable, accurate and real-time tracking to always verify the movement of goods, from start to finish.

E-Frame is the new CRM module for the E-TMS solution that quickly and easily manages offers and customer relationships. Thanks to e-Frame, the operator can exchange data with E-TMS, manage commercial offers, increase customer interactions and commercial productivity, as well as control sales forecasts and build customer loyalty. Furthermore, manage spot offers and marketing campaigns, while maintaining an electronic document archive with a strategic view of the business through KPIs, statistics and budgets.


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