Transport Logistic, BeOne’s global solution ready to conquer the international market

Transport Logistic BeOne Nova Systems Levia

The Transport Logistic trade show, scheduled to take place in Munich from Tuesday, May 9 to Friday, May 12, 2023, will be the showcase for the launch of the new BeOne global solution, developed by Nova Systems to become an internationally recognized reference in the supply chain world. The event will also be an opportunity to celebrate the recent union between Nova Systems – which has its headquarters in Verona, Italy, and offices in Milan and Florence-Prato, Italy, with branches also in Spain, France and Malta – and Levia, the Group that has brought together the leading companies in the European software house scene.

Nova Systems’ exhibition space, located in Hall A3 – booth 403/504, will be characterized by the theme “BeOne. The future is now.” “Today BeOne has all the attributes of a global and sustainable solution. Through the management system we are making companies increasingly interconnected, to enable industry players to instantly share data and information, thanks to the innovations we will present at the fair, from every corner of the world and under the sign of technological services that can make a difference in green computing,” says Nova Systems President Riccardo Tarocco.

The highlight of the event will be Wednesday, May 10, at 2:30 p.m. at the Press Center East – Press Conference Room 1A/B, when Nova Systems will present the solution during a meeting entitled “BeOne, Global Forwarding Solution. Opportunities and New Challenges for the Market.” During the event, which is open to industry companies, customers, partners and the press, will be presented the innovations that make BeOne a real international solution. “Among the main innovations there is the evolution of the management system, which becomes multi-company and multi-transport, as well as the special integration with Google. BeOne supports information from different companies, belonging to the same corporate group, in a single database. The advantage is to have a single shipment, with unique tracking and the ability to easily obtain analytical accounting of each individual shipment, even if it is managed by different companies in the Group”, adds Tarocco.

At the fair, the IT company will also promote its Nova Systems Community initiative. “At Transport Logistic, relationships will take the center stage. For us this is a vocation, through BeOne in fact we connect companies from all over the world. This is why we will give companies the opportunity to meet their agents in our exhibition space, in a dedicated room and in a comfortable setting, under the sign of networking and business growth,” concludes Nova Systems Business Developer Barbara Avesani.

Transport Logistic BeOne Nova Systems Levia


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