40 years of Nova Systems

itj-novasystems-avesani-40 years

Barbara Avesani is the Business Developer of Nova Systems, an IT company specialized in the development of software solutions for the world of shipping, transport, customs and logistics, which has in BeOne its leading ERP solution. A company more and more oriented towards global markets. This year, Nova Systems, already present in Italy, Spain and France, opened a new office in Malta and crossed an important milestone: 40 years of activity in the sector. “We combine experience and innovation to serve our customer. BeOne management software is able to satisfy every need of shippers and logistic operators, thanks to the work of our Research and Development Center, which aims to accompany the business growth of customers through the release of features that improve all daily activities”, continues Avesani.  

Now all this is even easier. Nova Systems has introduced a new professional figure, the Customer Success Manager, a trustworthy interlocutor who proactively cultivates dialogue with customers to enable them to take full advantage of the potential of BeOne software.

“This establishes a continuous direct line and a relationship based on mutual trust, which allows the company to take advantage of the best solutions, to always be one step ahead of the market and thus obtain new business opportunities. We listen to our customers and their needs, we analyze them and provide the right tools, always trying to create something unique”, adds the International Business Developer of Nova Systems. “The satisfaction of logistics operators and shippers is our priority. That’s why we also offer Help Desk support services structured on multiple levels, in order to provide a precise and timely response to each of their requests.” Nova Systems’ Help Desk is staffed by a highly qualified multilingual team. The service provides timely support to users, wherever they are in the world. In addition to telephone assistance, the customer receives telematic support, through opening of tickets in the reserved area, in order to always have under control every report and request. The use of tickets also allows Nova Systems to address the request directly to the specialized personnel, reducing even more the intervention time. 

NovAcademy, moreover, is the newest chapter in the story Nova Systems has written in its relationship with its customers. “A service that further raises the quality of assistance and support. The higher educational school was introduced, mainly, with three objectives – concludes Avesani – Through our webinars we enable users to be autonomous in the use of the BeOne software solution. We improve the performance of our collaborators in every sector of the client company and we contribute to streamlining the daily tasks of users, going straight to the heart of operations and business processes”. 


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