“Being innovative is a calling. Passion is the secret”

customer success manager nova systems

Nova Systems Chief Software Architect Riccardo Tarocco unveils the latest BeOne novelties and the birth of a new company figure: the Customer Success Manager

When you have passion for your business, time runs at full throttle. Since 1981, Nova Systems has been accompanying the business growth of its customers by offering software solutions for the forwarding and logistics worldToday, forty years later, the goal remains the same: to mix the best ingredients to help companies develop their business. With an added edge, represented by the BeOne management software, the final frontier of innovation. 

The passion of the IT company towards the transport sector is comparable to that of a chef who puts passion in his kitchen, to always create something unique. The taste for discovery is renewed day after day, in the name of research and development. 

“We do our job with great dedication, loving what we do and carrying it out with enthusiasm and curiosity. It has become a veritable calling: every new idea is a challenge for us through which we aim to constantly improve ourselves over time – says Chief Software Architect of Nova Systems, Riccardo Tarocco -. All this is made possible thanks to our teamwork, the real secret of success in the field of innovation. We continue to invest in human resources and we strongly believe in the skills of our collaborators: we have formed a specialized team of young professionals, with important know-how in the sector and a completely proactive approach”. 



We are constantly looking for new features to develop. BeOne uses the best technologies on the market and makes them available in the new product versions”. Nova Systems‘ software is structured with over 3 thousand parameters that can influence its functionalities and automatisms. An approach that allows management to adapt to the customers’ needs, organization and workflows. “We live in the era of Big Data and digitization. Businesses have to manage more and more information and need tools to analyze them quickly and punctually. Thanks to BeOne, customers can digitize processes, simplifying and making them innovative, safe and simple. Companies also have the possibility to eliminate costs deriving from data entry, from possible entry errors, and can free up company resources to dedicate to the business”, continues Tarocco. The new BeOne SeaSync module, for example, allows you to dematerialize the data entry process for uploading the cost rates of freight forwarders, importing them directly from the pdf or Excel files provided by the companies themselves. 



Nova Systems has become a partner of Google. This is how BeOne Geocoding was born, which integrates Cloud Google Maps Platform solutions, creating a new paradigm in data acquisition and data entry processes in the shipping and logistics world. “Any address will be geolocated to provide users with the information they need at the right time. Through geocoding, an optimization of routes, picks-up and deliveries will be performed, the organization of commercial visits will be improved and, thanks to the statistics integrated with the cartography, there will be the possibility of analyzing traffic data”, assures Tarocco. 

Nova Systems looks to the future. “With artificial intelligence, it is possible to transform data into strategic information for decision-making purposes. We have data mines, internal and external to the business reference, whose potential today is not fully exploited. This is why Nova Systems is working to adopt Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions, which will allow systems to learn from data and make decisions, creating automatic processes that will be integrated into business processes”. In addition, Nova Systems will soon release new modules, which concern in particular some areas including customs, accounting and the NVOCC.  



BeOne is a software platform in constant transformation and being costantly updated. This happens through bimonthly releases installed by the Nova Systems Research and Development Center. Therefore, the evolution of the software is accompanied by the evolution of the customer’s business processes, which are therefore constantly improving thanks to the growth of the technological platform. 

Once the release is installed, the Nova Systems Account Manager comes into play, who marks a key role as the Customer Success Manager, in supporting the customer in adopting the new processes envisaged by the releases. 

“Nova Systems regularly organizes online events to present BeOne updates and new features to all its customers and uploads in the “SiNova” Customer Reserved Area (a management platform dedicated to consulting with companies) documents in English, Italian, Spanish and French detailing any novelty contained in the new BeOne versions”, underlines the Chief Software Architect of Nova Systems. “All this is made possible thanks to the continuous and fruitful dialogue established between Nova Systems Customer Success Manager and its customers – concludes Tarocco -. Innovation and technology are fundamental, but a constant dialogue with companies in the sector makes the difference in supporting companies to help them develop their business in the best possible way”. 


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