BeOne Analytics, the solution to manage Business Intelligence

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Among the various functionalities of the Nova Systems solution stands out BeOne Analytics, the module of the Suite that allows the user to manage Business Intelligence. BeOne Analytics is the data collection system that analyses phenomena, the causes of problems, and the performance achieved in order to assess the performance of the company, its subsidiaries and traffic. “BeOne contains application logic and rules, aimed at optimizing operational decisions in logistics, revenue management and supplier sales forces, using highly sophisticated statistical functions,” explains Nova Systems Chief Software Architect Riccardo Tarocco.

The data collected is processed and used to provide concrete support – based on previous and current data – for the decisions of those in management roles (understanding the performance of the company, generating forecast estimates, hypothesising future scenarios and future response strategies). Information can be published at different levels of detail and hierarchy for any other corporate function: marketing, sales, finance, personnel or others.

Il gestionale di Nova Systems supporta la strategia aziendale

BeOne Analytics provides a series of analytics dashboards that allow you to analyze traffic and shipment data. This functionality can also be used on smartphones and tablets. “The dashboards are decided in the configuration phase; each user is shown only the information for which he or she is responsible. Reductions in this area can be made by branch, by service, by transport and by traffic and commercial sector, or with cross-sectional visibility of the entire company,” adds Tarocco. “BeOne Analytics also enables data analysis in relation to the company’s historical information, which is stored in the system.”

BeOne Analytics, the Business Intelligence Software, is fully integrated with the other modules:

  • TMS, the transport management software
  • WMS, the warehouse management system (including Third Party Warehouse, Transit Warehouse and Terminal Containers),
  • the Management Control (Common Management Applications),
  • the accounting software,
  • the customs operations,
  • the document management system,
  • electronic archiving (Document Management System), il Data interchange (EDI),
  • Radiofrequency (RFID)
  • Cash on delivery (COD),
  • Advances and Pallets.

Date: 29-11-2017

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