BeOne becomes Industry 4.0 software

industria 4.0

New opportunities are opening up for companies in the international shipping and logistics industry that have chosen BeOne cloud-based software. Some of Nova Systems’ management software modules were subjected to a thorough technical evaluation of compliance, as part of Industry 4.0 (which has now become Transition 4.0), from which it emerged that BeOne meets the technical and technological requirements of the legislation.

What does this translate into? 
The IT company’s customers will be able to take advantage of a fiscal benefit, quantified at 20 percent of the software investment. “There has been a lot of talk over the past five years about Industry 4.0. Thanks to the initiative undertaken by Nova Systems, companies will be able to recover part of the cost incurred. To all intents and purposes an added value for the sector,” says Nova Systems sales manager Martina Gonella, who explains:

“To access the Industry 4.0 fiscal benefit, users will have to certify the actual use of the software, through a certification carried out by third party consulting companies. For small amounts of expenditure, self-certification may be sufficient.”  

What proved to be the trump card in the evaluation of BeOne?

Gonella emphasizes that one of the fundamental points that allowed the validation of the management system “was the EDI technology, natively integrated in BeOne, which meets the essential requirements of interconnection with third-party systems. Moreover, the unique database and therefore the complete and native integration between the different modules of the Suite were another decisive factor”.

The technical evaluation has also shown that the Nova Systems database, reads the validation document of the certification body, “allows to easily track the entire cycle of goods, automating processes thanks to a dynamic and reliable solution for companies. The fact of being a management usable through Cloud services allows to obtain advantages such as accessibility, availability, and maximum data security”.
The sales manager ends: “The Technical Assessment of Compliance with the requirements of Enterprise 4.0 – “I4.0 Ready” was conducted under the supervision and control of the DNV® Certification Body (accredited by ACCREDIA) with field audits carried out by Qualified Auditors of Smart Fabrik S.r.l., a company active in the field of 4.0 certifications. Companies interested in accessing these important benefits can contact Nova Systems for more information. We will be happy to provide our support and know-how in the field of software 4.0″.

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