BeOne by Nova Systems, a cross-border solution

BeOne de Nova Systems

“Nova Systems is the ideal partner for companies in the world of transportation and logistics that also want to open up to international markets.” Barbara Avesani is the International Business Developer of the IT company that has made BeOne a cross-border solution to support companies in their business growth. Today Nova Systems has offices in Madrid and Barcelona and is also present in Italy, France and Malta. 

This year Nova Systems celebrates its 40th anniversary. Innovation and experience: how has the company evolved over this long time period? 

Innovation has always been our mission. We do our job with great passion and we carry it out with enthusiasm and curiosity thanks to our young team, which has important know-how in the sector and is strongly projected towards the future. Our aim is to always be one step ahead in a constantly evolving market, to provide our customers with the best technologies, wherever they may be. 

Why has BeOne become an international software solution? 

Nova Systems’ main current markets are in Europe and in particular in Spain, Italy, France and Malta, but the intention of our company, which already has customers in every continent, is to cross borders thanks to the cloud. We are ready to support companies that want to develop their business in Spain, but we also hope to give an important added value to those who want to open to international markets. BeOne was created to support the ambitions of freight forwarders and logistics operators. 

What is involved in choosing a solution like BeOne?  

For each of its potential customers, Nova Systems designs a program that, step by step, guides the company towards the full and effective secure use of the logistics solution BeOne. Migration to the new software is the prelude to success. After the go-live, a strong relationship begins between Nova Systems and the customer, opening up new business opportunities and benefits. 

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