Cash flow management

With BeOne, the cash flow management is integrated into the administrative software

The Nova Systems solution is enhanced with a new module

Manage financial commitments directly in the administrative software. That is now possible thanks to the new Cash Flow management module of BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite, the Nova Systems logistics solution for businesses working in the fields of international shipping, customs, transport and logistics.

“The cash flow determines the current and future changes in a company’s liquidity due to its management system, in a precise analysis period” – Filippo Barbieri, Software Application Specialist of Nova Systems, explains – “Until now, trade operators just monitored financial incomings and outgoings using Excel spreadsheets, but with the new integrated function in BeOne, they can monitor their movements and plan their management better, preventing any critical issues caused by lack of funds”. The BeOne Cash Flow was recently implemented in the Nova Systems Development Centre, and is highly innovative for the international shipping and logistics sectors: “The function is integrated with the accounting, management control and customs and the procedures are automatically updated by the software. Compared to before, this means greater data security because all risks of human error are eliminated” – Barbieri continues – “The analysis of the cash flows from the separate business activities is fundamental in order to understand the causes that determine cash flow changes at company level, and to identify the actions that should be taken to achieve the financial goals”.

“Procedures are automatically updated by the software”

The various functions integrated in Nova Systems software include home banking connections, and the Business Intelligence function enables monitoring the dashboards in the administrative system that are used exclusively for management control and accounting. Using the Turnover Dashboard, income can be analysed divided by customer, trade, account, branch, cost centre and analysis centre. The Analytical Dashboard enables controlling company direct income and costs and overheads, while the Finance Dashboard allows examining the fiscal balance sheet. “This way, customers have full control of all their data both numerically and graphically”, Barbieri concludes, “Our Development Centre is constantly working to identify cutting edge technological solutions, to assure our customers ongoing development of the BeOne software platform they work on”.

Data: 05-07-2017

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