Cross Docking warehouse

BeOne now has a Cross Docking module

NS's management software has a new feature for warehouse management

BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite, Nova Systemslogistics solution for the sector of international forwarding, transport, customs, and logistics, now has a new module for Cross Docking.

Nova Systems’ Chief Software Architect, Riccardo Tarocco, says, “Thanks to BeOne it will be possible to manage, within the transit warehouse, the operations for merchandise arriving from various departure points and which is then unloaded and reloaded directly onto other means of transport without any land stops”.

The Chief Software Architect, Tarocco:
“The Development Center is always involved in a search for innovations”

The main functions of the new Cross Docking module created by Nova Systems‘ Development Center regard the “Arrival of merchandise after collection” and the “Release of merchandise from the warehouse”. Tarocco further says, “Our Development Center is continuously employed in research for, and the realization of, new modules and features. We listen to our customers, to their needs and new business opportunities; we then analyze all this to supply new tools for the support of businesses in the sector”.

The Radio frequency terminals allow goods to be routed directly to the neck marker reading, either at unloading or loading of the vehicle, thus increasing business performance. Radio frequency management of loading and unloading bays, as well as temporary storage areas, allows you to keep the flow of goods under control at all times. With radio frequency terminals you also have the possibility of detecting the dimensions of the goods as soon as they arrive in the warehouse, thus giving the operators in the office the possibility of having immediate information on any discrepancies between what is declared by the customer and what is actually unloaded from the vehicle.

Data: 18-03-2017
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