BeOne’s Groupage LTL software, the versatile solution for all types of transport

Overland Shipping Groupage Transportation Management System

“The BeOne LTL software guarantees maximum versatility and completeness. All the necessary functionalities for the management of all types of international transports and shipments are enclosed in a single ERP”, stated Stefano Avesani, Nova Systems’ TMS Project Leader. The IT company has recently released the Less Than Truck Load solution (LTL software): the module that manages the operational traffic of Groupage overland transport, with specific and tailored services for Import, Export and National Groupage shipments.

“Nova Systems supports the sector’s operators with a powerful solution, designed to make the work of freight forwarders easier and more efficient – continues Stefano Avesani -. The Overland Groupage TMS module of BeOne allows the forwarder to consolidate various LTL shipments coming from different consignors and to send them to one more consignees. The combination of various expeditions on a single vehicle leads to an important reduction in terms of costs, even on small quantities of goods and the possibility to customize every delivery”.

In the Land Shipping Groupage LTL software of BeOne, the functionalities for Import, Export and National Groupage freights management are developed. “The LTL road transport management system allows you to manage, in a simple and punctual way, every phase of the shipment, including collection of the goods from one or more senders, consolidation in your transit warehouse, transport (from your terminal to the terminal of the correspondent, or transfer between hubs), deconsolidation (at the final terminal) and distribution, with delivery to the final consignee  of the goods”, explains the Nova Systems’ Project leader. TMS Groupage land transport operations also pass through the transit warehouses or cross docking operations (such as controlling the loading/unloading of goods on the vehicle and direct routing to the gate traction line of incoming freights to the warehouse) thanks to devices using radio-frequency technologies to read the package labels of shipments.

One of the advantages of TMS Groupage is its full integration with the other features of the logistics solution BeOne. “Thanks to the web Tracking and Tracing, the client can autonomously trace every single shipment, its status and PODs. All of this thanks to a specific web portal that can be added on the website of the freight forwarder company. In this case, the client is totally autonomous in controlling the expedition”, adds Avesani. From the picking management module, where the operative fills the request for the picking of goods and the organizer of the transport automatically oversees all the pickings that have to be executed or are in progress, as well as the deliveries that have to be carried out. The TMS pallets management allows the registration of all loading and unloading movements among the sender and the correspondent to be recorded, in order to constantly update, in real-time, the accountancy of the pallets to be requested or returned. In addition, thanks to the TMS management system, it is possible to check every COD (cash on delivery) at the time of delivery of transported goods.

The TMS Groupage also dialogues with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module. “This important integration guarantees the possibility of attaching spot offers to the company’s dossier, instantly enhancing costs and revenues. If a tariff is set for a client, costs and revenues are automatically filled within the dossier – underlines the Project Leader of Nova Systems – while BeOne Analytics guarantees the possibility of obtaining dashboards to find out and analyse the quantities of goods transported and invoices per client. Business Intelligence is a strategic tool for different roles, from department head to branch manager, up to the management of the company, who can make timely decisions that are crucial for the future of their business”. The integration between the Groupage TMS Software and Accounting management, concludes Avesani, “allows the operator to be alerted if the customer’s credit line is exceeded”.

Visit the Overland Shipping Groupage TMS module of BeOne page to discover all the features and advantages of the software.

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