BeOne Will BE

BeOne Will BE, Nova Systems looks to the future

The company launches its new communication campaign

“This will be because we have never ceased to look ahead. This will be because being innovative is what we do.  This is why we planned for the future with the eyes of those who are constantly engaged in the development of the best technologies. BeOne Will BE”  The explanation given by Ivano Avesani, chairman of Nova Systems, of the company’s strategy, which, through the BeOne solution, provides its clients with the latest innovations on the market in international shipping, transport, customs and logistics.

Chairman Avesani: “With our solutions, users operate without any worries”

A corporate vision that has been embodied in the new communication campaign “BeOne Will BE”. “This message is the natural development of the previous communication “Embrace the future with BeOne”, which saw the personal involvement of our clients.”

Thanks to the logistics solution BeOne, the integrated software services Suite, all operations refer to a single database. With BeOne, you can digitize all the management processes and direct the logistics, international shipping, transport and customs operations. “From the management of the charges and spot offers, the quotations and warehouse handling through to Business Intelligence and much more besides: everything becomes simpler, faster and more intuitive and users can operate without worry and with confidence in the future,” assures Avesani. 

We at Nova Systems don’t know how the world will be in ten years but we know that we will be ready, and ready ahead of time.  

Data: 19-04-2018

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