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BeOne’s WMS software integrated with the world of transport

Software that allows the logistics flows to be controlled

Versatility and integration are the main features of BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite’s WMS software, the programme from Nova Systems for the management of the entire distribution chain. BeOne’s WMS enables the user to control the logistics flows, thereby increasing productivity and, at the same time, reducing costs, thanks to the optimisation of the routes and movements of goods, as well as the management of all transactions, including reception, reordering, collection and shipping.

“BeOne’s Warehouse Management System uses AIDC systems (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) as mobile terminals with modules for reading barcodes, WLANs and RFID identifiers in order to effectively monitor the flows of products and their positions. The software can be used both in automatic and manned warehouses or a combination of both,” explained Giuseppe Riccardi, Nova Systems’ Logistics Project Manager.

The module is integrated with
TMS, Business Intelligence and Management Control

The solution can be configured entirely by the user to best adapt to the needs of depositors based on the type of goods involved. Certain settings are specific for the depositor, including, for example, the reception and sending of the EDI flows, order management and the operating modes of the TRF Missions for handling the loading, unloading and transfer of goods.  “Often in warehouses, completely different types of goods are stored on behalf of third parties, which require different operational management, specific for each category of commodity. BeOne is the perfect answer to the needs of logistics operators that handle several commodity sectors at the same time.

The WMS software is extremely flexible and adapts to the needs of the users,” added Riccardi. “Together with the client, our Account Managers analyse the operational needs and, depending on the commodity sectors handled by the warehouse, the solution is implemented through the numerous configuration parameters.”

The WMS software is completely integrated with the other modules of the BeOne Suite, particularly with TMS, Business Intelligence and Management Control. “Operating with such a flexible programme is a significant advantage for logistics in an increasingly competitive market,” said Riccardi. “The integration allows the user to check the existence of the products and track the shipments via the web. The total traceability of the goods and the operations allows the depositor to obtain the dynamism demanded today in the management of production activities.”

Data: 12-09-2017

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