BeOne Global and Cargofive: the strategic alliance for the digitization of maritime transport

Webinar Cargofive and BeOne Global

Nova Systems, an IT company that is a member of Levia and a leader in the European supply chain software market, has joined forces with Cargofive to digitise and simplify the business of companies in the maritime transport sector. The result of this partnership is the integration of the platform developed by Cargofive within Nova Systems’ BeOne Global solution. An important innovation recently released on the market, which allows users to download FAK and NAC freight rates and maritime surcharges in just a few clicks – in real time and via a direct API connection with the main shipping companies.

“Until now, most shipping companies sent freight rates in many different formats, including Excel, e-mails and PDF, and the data was entered manually, with higher chances of errors and longer lead times. Today, digitization is in high demand in the market and allows the format to be normalized, making it standard. With BeOne Global’s Shipping Agency and TMS Ocean freight modules, industry operators can get the costs directly into the software, enabling them to prepare spot offers to send to their customers,” explains Nova Systems Business Developer Barbara Avesani, who emphasizes, “Together with Cargofive we aim to support business growth, simplifying processes with a service in line with the current needs of freight forwarders.”

Sebastian Cazajus, CEO and co-founder of Cargofive, points out, “The strategic alliance with Nova Systems allows us to consolidate our presence in the European market. As a leader in technology solutions for freight forwarders, Nova Systems integrates a platform into BeOne Global that enables customers to operate quickly and efficiently.” Together with Nova Systems, Cazajus continues, “we provide companies with end-to-end solutions, from supply chain management to the digitisation of procurement and pricing processes. With Cargofive, freight forwarders can gain important benefits: from data visibility, which enables better decision-making, to a more comprehensive and customized offering. Actions like these reflect the commitment that Cargofive and Nova Systems have to their customers in modernizing all phases of freight forwarders’ workflow.”

The next step for Nova Systems and Cargofive will be to further improve the direct interface with shipping company portals, with the goal of obtaining instant quotes. “Due to price fluctuation, the market increasingly requires quotes made on an ad hoc basis for the specific destination at a specific time. For this reason, the need is to obtain the costs of its suppliers updated at the precise moment when the quotation is made,” Avesani continues. “Thanks to the integration with Cargofive, it will be possible to obtain the costs regulated by the tariff which is valid for several months, as well as to calculate the costs that change in the short term based on the cargo capacity of the ship, based on when the booking request is made on the ship and in relation to other external factors that can influence the price.”

“Maritime transport now accounts for more than 80 % of the world’s trade volume. Some companies still operate with old systems, but the global market demands faster and more efficient processes than in the past. Nova Systems and Cargofive have taken up this challenge together and are ready to provide the solutions to best digitize the industry,”

conclude Avesani and Cazajus.

THE WEBINARS – Nova Systems and Cargofive are promoting two webinars on the innovation that is transforming maritime transport, entitled “The future of shipping: BeOne Global and Cargofive innovate the industry“. The first webinar will be held in Spanish on Tuesday 10 October from 11:30 to 12:30, with the participation of Stefano Mazzoleni, Account Manager at Nova Systems, and Tarek Sardar Kussayer, Head of Revenue at Cargofive. In the afternoon of the same day, from 15:30 to 16:30, the English version will follow with Mazzoleni and Sara Vera-Cruz, Customer Care & Success Manager of Cargofive.
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