BeOne, software for customs management

The latest developments in the BeOne, software for customs management

The electronic file and “Authorised recipients” are among the latest features

The customs sector is in the throes of a regulatory revolution. Nova Systems, the Information & Communication Technology company, has been a pioneer of this change, adding new functions to the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite software solution, created for the customs, logistics, transport and international shipping sector. The measures contained in the new EU Customs Code came into force on May 1 with the aim of introducing more rapid and uniform customs procedures through digitisation.

“The measures have already been implemented in the BeOne solution in order to reduce the customs clearance times and to provide users with traceability throughout the entire import/export cycle and the performance of the associated controls,” explained Ivano Avesani, Nova Systems’ chairman. “The management application is always in step with regulatory developments. Nova Systems makes the latest features on the market available to its clients.” These include the electronic file that enables documents associated with the customs bills to be archived. “In this way, the client can interrogate the documents at any time without needing the paper copies. Should there be a documents check, the user can upload the electronic file to the customs’ website rather than go physically to the customs office with the documentation, offering real advantages in terms of time,” explained Avesani.

The customs module is
supplemented with TMS, WMS and bookkeeping

Nova Systems is developing the option of connecting to the one-stop customs service directly through the BeOne solution to further speed up the operational activities of clients. The software for customs is also integrated with the TMS, WMS and BOOKKEEPING application modules of the BeOne management application. “The solution enables customs bills to be created starting from the shipping data, thereby accelerating the procedures. Thanks to WMS, we are able to integrate the customs VAT warehouses, in order to create handling operations of loading and unloading at the customs warehouse directly from the third party warehouse, with the option of monitoring the correspondence of the commercial article with the customs item and the respective inventories.” The customs module is also connected to bookkeeping, regarding deferred customs, that allow the accounting records to be obtained automatically for the management of the Customs account.

Another new function developed in the BeOne customs software is the “Authorised Recipients”. “This function speeds up the procedure that the client currently has to manage with “Customs Desktop”, the Customs Agency platform.  The client can control and manage the record of the transit, that is, the notifications of arrival and unloading at the end of a transit. The procedure enables the automatic creation of the bill of entry for importation,” continued Avesani.

Nova Systems is a partner of Europe Trade Net Italia, an association that brings together customs software development companies.  “We took part in the technical meetings organised recently by the Customs Agency on the latest regulatory developments and participated in the international Forum organised by the Europe Trade Net in Antwerp. It was an opportunity to outline the guidelines and objectives to be reached at the European level in the customs field,” concluded Ivano Avesani, who underlined: “We are seizing the opportunities offered to us by the new European regulations to improve the solution and remain constantly in step with the needs of our clients.”

Data: 10-10-2017
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