Customs reform in the spotlight at ETN conference in Pisa

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The EurTradeNet annual meeting will take place on 14th and 15th September. 

Customs reform will be the focus of the Annual Meeting organised by EurTradeNet (ETN), the international organisation of IT solution providers, which is promoting the conference in Pisa this year, on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th September. It will be an opportunity to illustrate the latest innovations in customs at the European level, where Nova Systems is committed to developing the new features in the BeOne solution: the goal is to enable its customers to benefit from the optimisations provided by the reform.

The IT company is in fact a member of ETN and will take part in the Pisa meeting, during which the digital transformation of customs procedures will be discussed, with a view to simplify the sector. The event will be coordinated by ETN Italia, with the current national coordinator of the organisation Giacomo Morabito, M2R2 administrator of Levia, the group of IT companies that Nova Systems recently joined. 



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