Customs Warehouse integrated with the WMS, a revolution in the sector

With the BeOne solution, the work of operators can be improved

Customs warehouse integrated with the Warehouse Management System. Nova Systems is one of the first ICT companies in Europe to create this innovation, intended to simplify the operations and improve the work of shipping and logistics agents. Committed to modernising the sector for more than 35 years, the company has embraced the technological opportunities created following the regulatory revolution that, in recent years, has swept through the customs sector, following the entry into force of the new Union Customs Code (UCC), and has implemented new functions in the BeOne in-Cloud solution.

Thanks to Nova Systems’ ERP, when an operator loads merchandise in the third-party warehouse for a foreign State, the customs clearance certificate and the consequent loading in the customs warehouse can be obtained automatically. The same also happens for the unloading. The software considers the quantities in stock for the commercial article, taking account of the goods in stock in both the national and foreign State. The total integration between the bonded warehouse and the WMS brings a number of advantages and offers the option of managing the merchandise as if it was stored in the third-party warehouse: the immediate availability of the products both in the warehouse and the foreign state, the reduction of unnecessary operations and clearance times, the elimination of errors. The result is a continuous information flow that is no longer subject to interruptions.

Nova Systems is one of the first companies in Europe to offer this innovation

“The customs warehouse interfaced with the WMS is a great new development for the market,” explained the Chairman of Nova Systems, Ivano Avesani. “It means that when an operator performs the loading in the customs warehouse, it is also automatically displayed in the third-party warehouse – or vice versa. Thanks to the use of a single platform, the two warehouses exchange information directly.” Until today, Avesani continued, “operators were used to working with certain procedures because an innovative solution able to simplify the work was not available on the market. Now we are able to fill that gap.”

In recent years, Nova Systems has invested heavily with the aim of becoming a truly international company in every sense. The opening of branches in Paris and Marseilles in France and Barcelona and Madrid in Spain has allowed the company to set down firm roots in the European market.“In this way, we can be sure of being ahead of the times, introducing innovations like the customs warehouse integrated with the warehouse management system, thanks to our Research and Development Centre,” continued Avesani. “It is crucial to understand the direction the market is taking in international shipping and logistics, including outside Italy. This makes it possible for us to offer our clients an ERP platform in constant evolution, which takes account of the needs of the sector’s operators.”

The customs warehouse, in which non-EU products are collected, allows the merchandise to be stored for variable periods, avoiding the payment of import duties. Thanks to Nova System’s BeOne, various types of customs warehousing can be managed: PCW (Private Customs Warehousing), VCW (VAT Customs Warehousing) and TSW (Temporary Storage Warehousing), manually or automatically since it is completely integrated with the management of the Customs Formalities from which the information is obtained. It is also possible to track and manage all the formalities in the Temporary Export or Import Regime through the function “Virtual Handling Management”, which allows fictitious warehouse loading and unloading to be created, thereby enabling the constant monitoring of goods to be reimported or re-exported.

Data: 06-02-2019

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