E-Cmr, the Fedespedi pilot project comes into full swing


Ready in BeOne the innovation that simplifies export flow.

Simplifying logistics procedures using the electronic waybill for international road transport to and from Italy. This is the goal of the pilot project being led by trade associations, including Fedespedi, in cooperation with a few companies in the sector, the IT company Nova Systems and Accudire. The experimental initiative has accelerated and has now entered the crucial phase, after the Council of Ministers ratified the endorsement of the additional protocol on e-Cmr on April 18th, including innovation within the PNRR in the part related to digitalization in the transport sphere. The introduction of e-Cmr aims to improve the efficiency of the logistics chain and optimize business procedures, while reducing environmental impact and helping client companies obtain administrative and fiscal document in real time. 

“The government’s decision is a very important milestone. It is thus given a new boost to technological development within the supply chain: an achievement that has come about thanks to a successful teamwork, which has already seen trade associations and companies engaged for a couple of years with the aim of giving a digital turnaround to our sector, under the sign of business growth, providing an additional service to the customer,” says Manuel Scortegagna, Managing Director Scortrans, Fedespedi Vice President responsible for Land Transport and President Advisory Body Road and Rail Intermodal. “The electronic Cmr is considered to all intents and purposes equivalent to the paper Cmr, regulated by the Geneva Convention signed in 1956, with the purpose of standardizing transport documents at the European level. 

The innovation was already discussed in the February 2008 implementation protocol, which now finds full realization and support from European countries. Other advantages are introduced with e-Cmr, however, to enable companies to better optimize export flows on the basis of fiscal transparency and quick proof of goods delivery.” 

The pilot project involved a few companies in the groupage land transport sector: Scortrans, Brigl, Barbiero and DB Group. “The companies involved in this pilot program have a common denominator, the use of the BeOne global solution for the world of freight forwarders,” continues Mario Miriamoli, Business Developer at Nova Systems, a company that recently joined Levia. ” The BeOne software of Nova Systems is the daily work tool of the sector’s operators and puts them in a position to easily interact with the e-Cmr platform. Through the pilot project promoted by Fedespedi, we have developed automatisms which can improve the forwarders’ activities.” 

Thanks to electronic Cmr, continues Nova Systems Product Manager Stefano Avesani, “the immutability of the information is guaranteed, through the use of a portal developed by Accudire on blockchain technology, which is able to certify the delivery. The sender is thus able to easily obtain the necessary administrative documents to be fully compliant with legal regulations. All while lowering the environmental impact thanks to the paperless principle.” After some tests carried out in cooperation with customers, Avesani points out, “Nova Systems is ready to offer this service, which also allows forwarding to be monitored at all times, with access to information and proof of delivery in real time.” 

The innovation will be introduced on Wednesday, May 10, at 12:30 p.m., at the Munich Transport Logistic trade fair, at the Nova Systems booth located in Hall A3 403/504, with participation led by Scortegagna. “In 2024 Cmr will run in both paper and digital formats, but in 2025 e-Cmr will become a European-wide requirement. That’s why there is great interest in the market around this innovation. This is an additional service that Fedespedi offers to its members. In fact, e-Cmr represents an opportunity for our industry, because it allows us to further protect the end customer, under the sign of transparency and traceability. At the same time, it allows us logistics operators to improve system tracking in real time. It is a new challenge and the world of transport and forwarding in Italy, thanks also to this innovation, has the desire to be ready and be one step ahead,” Scortegagna concludes. 

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