European Customs, BeOne anticipates the times

dogana nova systems beone

BeOne is projected to the future to become one of the first software that uses the new European customs’ features. The Nova Systems’ software for the world of the international shipping, logistics and transportation is living a new development phase, that allowed the IT company, with branches in Spain, Malta and France, to anticipate the times.   

Barbara Avesani, Business Developer of Nova Systems, says: “Italy was among the first member states of the UE to join the planned innovations by customs at European level. For our company, which has always an international feel, is an important competitive advantage. When also the other countries, like Spain, will use these Import and Export changes, we will be already ready to provide our services throughout Europe, with the BeOne solution.”  

Nova Systems has already started the innovations’ development, that will come into force in Italy in 2023, regarding the informatisation, the export operations and the Union transit, after the release in recent months of the functions related to the management of import declarations in BeOne. “In this way we will fully implement the customs regulation and our clients will be able to take advantages of the opportunities contained in the reform”, continues Avesani. 

The procedure provides for the exporter new features that allowed, in addition to the presentation of the export declaration, the relative correction and/or cancellation; the possibility to send the declaration electronically even before the goods are presented to the export office. And the excess of the limit of 40 items per declaration (with the start of the new functional phases it will be possible to send declarations with 9999 items per declaration) and finally centralized customs clearance. According to the forecasts of the Italian Customs Agency by February 2023 the systems can be used in a real environment. From the 1st of March 2023 the new system will replace the previous one.  


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