Every file at a click with customs tracking

Tracking doganale

Customs Tracking: a new web portal where all customs documents are available. This is the new service created by Nova Systems for its partners.  A service that offers customers in the world of industry an innovation that simplifies their daily work. 

Up to now, the documents were sent manually, with the user sending Dae, Dau and Ivisto by e-mail. Nova Systems’ Customs Tracking portal is practical and intuitive. All operations are automatic. Thanks to the new service, final customers can download and view customs documentation at any time. The operator can thus check the progress of each file in total autonomy and without the risk of losing the documentation.  Everything is tracked and available on the portal, including the history. 

The innovation allows import-export shippers to view the stages of customs clearance in real time. From the moment the customs declaration is entered into the Nova Systems management system to the day the exit visa is issued. Everything goes through the sending of the declaration to customs, the registration of the file and the release of the goods. Every status of the declaration is visible on the portal. This ensures a feeling of greater control on the part of the final customer, who is able to find both the most recent and the oldest files using the portal’s search filters. 

The Customs Tracking page can be accessed through Nova Systems’ EDI portal or alternatively, on request, it can be entered directly on the shipper’s site through a link provided by the IT company. 

“In addition to having the declaration under control, directly on the portal it is possible to download the paperwork, including DaeDau and Ivisto issued by customs. Soon Nova Systems will also allow users to enter the documents they consider most appropriate for the management of their business. 

The service can be used from 

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