Fleet management, BeOne integrated with Trimble’s app: “Freight distribution becomes even more optimized” 

gestione flotta beone trimble nova systems

The partnership between Nova Systems, an IT company that is a member of Levia, and Trimble, a leading international IT provider, has been enriched. The software, developed in BeOne to optimize pickups and deliveries. Exploiting the potential first are DLA Italy and Prisma Logistics, customer companies of Nova Systems, whose employees can already enjoy the benefits of the synergy between the two IT providers. 

“The partnership was already underway with the optimised fleet and trip management, thanks to the integration of BeOne with Trimble’s FleetCockpit, and has recently undergone further development for the Pickups and Deliveries part, a solution designed by Nova Systems for companies specialising in goods distribution,” says Stefano Avesani, Product Manager at Nova Systems.  The feature makes it possible to optimise the loading and unloading of goods according to scheduled deliveries and pick-ups, saving time and energy and taking into account the constraints of available vehicles and goods delivery and collection points. An important leap forward in fleet management”. 

Through BeOne’s integrated Cross Docking feature, the warehouse operator is also able to check the goods at unloading and can verify the correctness of the goods data being loaded onto the delivery vehicle. Once the loading list has been created for a particular driver and vehicle, there is the chance, thanks to EDI, to send the data for pick-ups and deliveries. This is where integration with the Trimble app, which can be installed on the drivers’ tablets and smartphones, comes into play. “With BeOne, the dispatcher creates the loading list with the pick-ups and deliveries to be made by the driver, who displays it directly on the Trimble app, where the sequence of the trips to be made, with details of the pick-ups, is presented in a simple and clear manner. The solution offers an activity flow that guides the driver step by step. In this way, the customer can also monitor the service timings,” continues Avesani. 

The driver can also enter the outcome of the shipment, with the chance to upload images of any damages and anomalies. Finally, he can photograph the proof of delivery, which is automatically captured by Beone in real time and made available to customers who request it. Avesani points out that before this innovation, “the driver would arrive at the office with all the paper bills to be filed. The integration with Trimble brings with it considerable time savings for both the driver and the dispatcher, with efficient fleet management”. 

The goal of Nova Systems, concludes Avesani, ‘is to contribute to innovating transport, international freight forwarding and logistics, with cutting-edge solutions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency”. 



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