FTL BeOne | Full truck load transport planning

ftl-pianificazione viaggio a carico completo Full truck load transport

Full truck load load planning, all data in one screen

pianificazione viaggio beone ftl carico completo

Planning a full truck load trip has never been easier or more intuitive. Nova Systems’ Research and Development Center implemented BeOne with the FTL module for complete transportation management. In addition to being fully integrated with the Suite’s other features, FTL software can create an optimized workflow where trip planning is of primary importance.

The user experience has been designed to enable you to organize and compose your screen in the best possible way, according to your needs, in order to find all the information you need easily and in just a few clicks: the orders to be carried out, the map with the route optimization proposal, the list of drivers and vehicles, which can be sorted according to operational needs, with indications in evidence of availability and any commitments.

On the screen you can view the information to be cross-referenced with the needs of the customer, for effective optimization of the trips to be made. Orders can be loaded manually or received via EDI. In the grid, orders can also be sorted and filtered according to the needs of the dispatcher.

BeOne facilitates the operational activity, both in the choice of the means of transport and the travelling personnel. During the planning of the full load trip, the dispatcher has the possibility to always have under control the availability of vehicles and drivers, as well as the activities in progress and those still to be performed, considering the commitments and availability of all figures involved.

Would you like to touch and see for yourself the effectiveness of the FTL BeOne module? Contact us for a free demo.


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