Increase data quality with BeOne Geocoding

google maps platform beone

Speed up data entry and increase data quality with BeOne Geocoding, born from the integration of BeOne with Google Platform.

Nova Systems has become a Google partner, a development that allowed our Research & Development centre to create a further innovation. The new BeOne Geogoding service will integrate the Cloud Google Maps Platform services, creating a new model in data acquisition and data entry processes in the world of freight forwarders.Any address could be easily and effectively geolocalised in order to give to the users the information they need at the right time.

What does it mean?

Geocoding will allow you to optimise your shipping, pick-up and delivery times, improve the organisation of business visits and, through statistics integrated with cartography, you could analyse traffic statistics.

By entering the delivery or pick-up address in BeOne, the new function allows you to fluidly work, avoiding having to move to different platforms to search for the data required for the shipping.

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