Kicking off “O1M,” hub for training operators. BeOne Global, training ground for future freight forwarders 

O1M formazione operativi BeOne

One of the biggest barriers for international freight forwarding companies is identifying and training operations personnel on time. A stumbling block that often contributes to slowing business growth. To the industry’s rescue has come the new “Operational in 1 Month” (O1M) project, sponsored by consulting company The Advisory Box, in collaboration with Nova Systems, as technology partner, KiS, a company specializing in industry training, and the trade association Alsea. 

The purpose of the training course is already embodied in its name, “Operational in 1 Month”: participants will be involved in an intensive training course, lasting a total of 22 days, at the end of which the trainees will reach an Entry Level competency and will, therefore, be able to juggle the management of an expedition independently. The training will take place in-person at the T-Hub, 12 Salvo d’Acquisto Street, in Pozzuolo Martesana (Milan). The trainers will be experts in the field, professionals who manage international shipments on a daily basis. The more operational and practical part of the course will take place by Nova Systems’ BeOne Global software solution, developed to be a reference point for operatives engaged in the supply chain world, optimizing their work. The first edition of the course will start on Monday, January 15. 

“The international transportation world is constantly evolving, and companies constantly need to upskill their operations teams. However, resources with consolidated experience are difficult to intercept, while young people entering the job market are often unfamiliar with the industry, resulting in difficulties in identifying and attracting talent. New hires need a lot of time to get introduced to the particularities of a complex business, which requires specific skills, so that they can gain autonomy and become truly effective. If we add to this the fact that operational teams are always busy and overloaded, it is easy to see how internal on-the-job training is extremely complex and discontinuous. 

Taking the time to train a junior figure implies slowing down the pace and this can have consequences for the business,” explains Elisa Colnaghi, Senior Management Consultant at The Advisory Box. “O1M aims to be a concrete answer to a very pressing issue, through a comprehensive and innovative training course that introduces a new approach and method tailored to the needs of new hires and their companies. It starts from the abc of shipping, all the way to hands-on experience of how to manage a shipment and the relationship with their suppliers and partners.” Classes range from eight to 12 people, and eight editions are planned over the year 2024. 

Nova Systems Business Developer Barbara Avesani points out, “We are pleased to make our BeOne Global solution available and thus join a worthy initiative which helps support companies on their path to business growth.” Avesani adds that the trainees “are given a laptop installed with the management software. Test environments will be created through the software to give participants the opportunity to train as if they were inside their own company. Future dispatchers will thus have entry-level training, which prepares them to be in the best possible position to take on their business right away. Operatives get into the work environment and are thus able to blaze the trail. With this training course the operative the future dispatcher feels that the company is investing in him or her and is empowered. The project is also important for our customers, as they will be able to bring in employees who have already been trained in the use of the BeOne Global platform.”  

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