New partnership signed some days before Nova Systems and Freight Network WLA

Freight Network WLA

New partnership signed some days before Nova Systems and Freight Network WLA, the network that reunites the operators of the field and freight forwarders at international level. Barbara Avesani, Business Developer of Nova Systems, and Tom Pagels, CEO of Freight Network WLA, WLAPharmaSE and AGLN (African Global Logistics Network), made the agreement in the offices of the IT company headquarters in Verona. 

“We are proud to have signed this important partnership with WLA, a community formed by many companies in the sector from all over the world, which aim to make networks and have in digitization a common denominator ”, explains Avesani. “Initiatives like this are fundamental for exchanging ideas, points of view, with an eye always on the future and innovation” 

The meeting was also an opportunity to confirm the participation of Nova Systems at the Virtual Global Summit of networks, promoted by WLA on 25, 26 and 27 October.  


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