New services and applications in the BeOne collaborative platform

Collaboration Platform BeOne

Emails exchanges and phone calls with customers to quote the shipment? They will soon be a distant memory. Nova Systems has launched the new collaborative digitalization of BeOne, the software for logistics, international shipments, transport and customs, with the launch of a new application within the ERP: the Collaboration Platform.

“The platform has been enhanced with new services and functionalities created specifically for the world of transport and logistics to allow customers of Nova Systems’ clients to find the information they need in an autonomous way. All this in whatever place there is an internet connection and a web browser” says Riccardo Tarocco, Chief Software Architect of the IT company, who emphasizes: “In particular, traditional communication tools, such as emails and phone calls, are eliminated, with a great saving of time. Thanks to this management system, the assignment of shipments takes place in real time by using the Autoquote tool. The customer can also check the tracking of its goods and documents relating to current and historical transactions”.

This new collaborative platform was developed using the best technologies available on the market today. “It is an HTML5, CSS, Boostrap4 application written in ASP.NET, usable from any mobile device. Being responsive, its layout adapts easily and automatically to the viewing device from where the platform is used – adds Tarocco -. The Suite allows you to digitalize business processes and manage all documents in the digital domain, thus eliminating paper documents”. The data entered by customers directly enriches the BeOne Database, simplifying and reducing the Back-Office activities, which have no connection to the sales team or relation with customers. “Information is thus always up to date on a single platform with less possibility that office documents and communications are dispersed. The actions taken by the Back-Office side, for example the valorisation of a Quotation request that brings the Spot Offer to the Status to be Confirmed, are visible and can be handled in real time on the Collaboration Platform. This enables the operator to interact immediately with customers and to negotiate any requests precisely”, continues Tarocco.

The collaboration platform applications can be completely, autonomously configured for each customer and are divided into five big areas, each of which offers particular services: Transportation Management System (TMS Area), Document Management System (DMS Area), Customer Relationship Management (CRM Area), Warehouse Management System (WMS Area) and Business Intelligence (BI Area). The Collaboration Platform also interacts with BeOne Activity Management. “The actions taken by a user connected to the platform, such as the creation of a spot offer or the insertion of a pre-practice, automatically generate specific activities for a Work Group or a specific user, notifying requests with the possibility of managing them in real time. The result is greater proactivity in managing operations”, Nova Systems’ Chief Software Architect points out. “As far as Shipment Tracking and Tracing is concerned, it is possible to publish the Status Update of Shipments managed by BeOne’s Workflow, deciding which pieces of information to post according to the type of subject who is using the platform (Sender, Consignee or Correspondent). The same applies to electronic documents both issued and received, which can be consulted directly from the platform”.

Collaboration Platform is also integrated with Communication Management. It automatically sends HTML emails containing hyperlinks that allow you to connect to the platform. For example, a Spot Offer sent to the customer can be confirmed by simply clicking on the link contained in the email itself. “In the same way it is possible to manage the Tracking of Shipments without authentication – Tarocco assures -. Through the Communication Management, Status Updates of Shipments are sent and it is also possible to access all the tracking details by clicking on the link contained in the email itself. This is particularly useful in the B2C world, where the operators involved are not encoded but indicated in the Shipment data”.

Another new feature introduced in the collaborative Suite, finally, is the addition of advertising banners on the web platform. Banners convey the release or enhancement of new services, are entirely manageable by the customer, include texts and images that visibly reflect the company’s look & feel, and can be linked to specific webpages. It is possible to manage the start and end date of publication for each banner,” concludes Tarocco.

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