No limits with BeOne. Geocoding and Business intelligence: data is the key to growth.

BeOne Global forwarding solution the future il limitless

Crossing boundaries, not only geographical, to create new opportunities in the supply chain sector. From BeOne Geocoding to Business Intelligence, via the EDI data interchange system, everything in the BeOne solution of Nova Systems concurs to support the company’s growth. The virtuous use of data is indeed the key to development and the creation of new opportunities. The latest innovations introduced in the management software by the IT company’s Research & Development Center aim to empower companies in the world of international freight forwarding, transportation, customs, and logistics to overcome their limits. 

“We are involved in supporting companies in the digital supply chain revolution. BeOne was developed to break down boundaries and push companies toward new opportunities and synergies, in an increasingly global context and with an eye toward data security and sustainability,” says Nova Systems President Riccardo Tarocco. “With these goals in mind, we have created new features that can enhance the value of company data. In the latest release of its management software, Nova Systems launched BeOne Geocoding, born from the integration of BeOne with Cloud Google Maps Platform, to enable freight forwarders to further speed up data entry and increase data quality. “This is possible thanks to Google’s solutions: any address can be geolocated, nullifying error and enabling trip optimization. Managed data has been upgraded to give companies the ability to expand to Business to Consumer. In fact, the BeOne user is also able to manage the addresses of individuals, not just those of companies, so B2C traffic can be coordinated as well.” 

BeOne directly searches for any company and suggests addresses automatically. The information selected by the user auto-validates the data of the person for whom the search was performed, for example, the sender or recipient of the shipment. This makes it possible to improve the services provided, thanks to the accurate information about the addresses themselves. The EDI data interchange system, through its Geocoding features, converts addresses into geographic coordinates, handling any non-geocoded addresses in an integrated and simple way. In the Beone CRM, starting from a geographic coordinate, it is thus possible to know which customers are within a given mile range. 

Furthermore, integrated with BeOne Geocoding is BeOne Route Optimiser, which enables optimization of Picking and Delivery lists, creating optimized routes taking into account Picking or Delivery request dates and opening and closing times.

Tarocco highlights another, important innovation introduced in BeOne, which is the adoption of the Qlik Sense platform for Business Intelligence development. “The solution offers an interactive experience, where the freight forwarder can create new applications or specific visualizations tailored to his needs. The platform adapts accordingly to the cognitive and analytical abilities of the individual user and allows for customized reporting with the analysis of statistics related to operational data, economic-financial performance and results of business activities, both at the level of the individual company and group consolidation.” The Nova Systems president concludes, “We take the needs of our customers to heart, and with these solutions we aim to empower companies to maximize the use of enterprise data to further boost business growth and development.”

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