Nova Systems and environmental sustainability: Nova Green is born

Nova Green

Nova Systems launches Nova Green, the new project aimed at promoting the environmental sustainability, through some actions related to the corporate culture and initiatives which goal is to involve company’s customers. The green vocation of the company reflects in the BeOne logistics solution, that has become a reference point for Green Logistics. The ERP software is provided in Cloud and allows companies to drastically reducing energy consumption and the use of hardware components.

“We live in times of great changes and we have the duty to think about next generations – Ivano Avesani, Nova Systems’ President underlines -. An evolution which demands great responsibility and attention towards the theme of environmental sustainability and green computing”. It is having the new generation in mind that Nova Systems conceived the Green@School project. “We intend to give a further contribution, not related with our technologies business. For each new contract that will be signed, Nova Systems will donate a tree to a school institute. A commitment between Nova Systems and its customers to contribute to the future of our planet”, explains Avesani.

Cloud Computing, together with Open Data, Internet of Things and Internet of Everything is one of the main factors at the base of Industry 4.0. “Nova Systems’ sustainable Cloud software, compared to on-promise solutions, contributes to CO2 reduction and allows a great reduction on energy consumption related to IT infrastructure utilization – highlights Nova Systems’ President. Thanks to Cloud, datacenter management is simplified, as installation and maintenance of components come less. Hardware has a short life time and must be disposed of when it is no longer up to date. So, it should be always taken into account that, for the disposal of hardware components, specific procedures and appropriate facilities exist to safeguard the environment”.

As regards Nova Systems’ datacenter, they are designed to reduce energy wastage, using the best available sustainable technologies to power and cool the systems. Another company’s goal is helping to reduce the use of paper in its customers’ offices. “Thanks to the Electronic Document Management, Nova Systems’ Cloud helps the environment. BeOne eliminates the use of paper and, at the same time, improve the production processes and enhances costs reductions – affirms Avesani -. The paperless principle, furthermore, overcomes geographical borders: an office without paper allows the staff to immediate access the documentation, wherever they may be, with a great enhancement of data security”.

To improve environmental sustainability, Nova Systems is also studying and testing new functionalities to precisely calculate quantities of CO2 emitted by every air, ocean or overland transport executed. All of this for the correct evaluation of environmental impacts.
Investing in corporate culture and values is an important choice for our societies. “This awareness aims to reduce the production of waste, especially of plastic. In our company we keep a strong commitment towards separate collection and recycling: the time has come to do one step forwards. Everyone of us must do his part, including in his company”, concludes Avesani.

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