Nova Systems España and Ares together to make BeOne a major player in Spain


Nova Systems has reached an important new aim to be even more active and present in the Spanish market. The IT company has partnered with Ares Soluciones de Identificación, a company based in Barcelona specialized in software application development and hardware resale in the logistics sector.

Ares will be Nova Systems’ point of reference in Spain, with the goal of promoting the BeOne solution in a market that, as Ares director Lute Del Pino points out, “is undergoing an important digitization process.” Barbara Avesani, CEO of Nova Systems España, points out, “Ours is a perfect marriage. Ares comes from the world of hardware components, while we deal with ERP solutions, so it was a natural integration. The partnership is currently directed at a commercial initiative, but it will soon evolve to involve the technical and support side. The goal is to put us in a position to be close to our customers and potential ones both from a cultural and territorial point of view, to better facilitate the business growth of companies in the sector.”


Del Pino adds that Ares Soluciones de Identificación “is a company that has been in the logistics, transportation, manufacturing, fashion, and hospital sectors for more than 20 years. We deal with hardware integration, radio frequency terminals, label printers, everything you need to manage a warehouse and specifically Cross Docking.” The director of Ares points out, “An important synergy has been established with Nova Systems, with the goal of expanding the presence of BeOne ERP in the Spanish market. The solution can best optimize the activities of shippers, carriers and logistics operators, and I am sure that Spanish companies in the sector will appreciate the BeOne solution.”

In collaboration with ARES, Nova Systems España is specializing in becoming a “digitizing agent” with respect to the Spanish government’s KIT Digital initiative to enable companies to access government incentives with the goal of investing in digitization. “We have found the right people to best represent us in the Spanish market. In fact, our desire is to be close to the territory, to give us the opportunity to invest more and more in terms of the development of software services and support.”

José Carmona, Asesor comercial of Ares, concludes, “I will personally be in charge of business development. It is an exciting challenge to be able to represent the Nova Systems Group in the Spanish market, with a complete and innovative solution like BeOne. I strongly believe that our collaboration will bring great results.”

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