Disaster Recovery

Data Security, Nova Systems invests in Disaster Recovery

The company is stipulating agreements with specialist firms

Companies in international shipping, customs, transport and logistics that choose the BeOne cloud software solution to manage their businesses can operate without a care. Now Nova Systems is further refining data security systems by stipulating an agreement with organizations that specialize in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and by becoming one of the first IT companies in Italy to attain ISO/IEC 27001 certification for the “Management of information security”.

“The Cloud is becoming increasingly ubiquitous but it must be delivered in a professional way. Nova System is committed to providing our clients with the latest innovations on the market through the BeOne solution, fully aware of the priority to ensure our clients can rely completely on their information services,” said Nova Systems’ CEO Valerio Avesani. “This is why we are adopting high-security technologies and processes that guarantee business continuity in the event of severe adverse events. The Disaster Recovery solutions that we are making available are the latest generation in information security: these are not spot interventions but a real strategic process that enables our clients to have an immediate response to any event that leads to the temporary stoppage of the company’s business.”

CEO Avesani: “This is how we guarantee our Clients Business Continuity”

Events considered include natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, tornados and volcanic eruptions, and disasters due to human factors and technology, such as fires, explosions, power outages, broken water pipes, in addition to specific events such as the unexpected closure of the software distribution company.  “In the event of disaster, the operational continuity is guaranteed until the complete restoration of the platform,“ assured Avesani. “This is thanks to a Cloud data centre located 160 kilometres from our headquarters. In this way, should a natural event occur in Verona where we are based, the data are all stored in total security in another location, ensuring the absolute continuity of the service.”

Before adopting the latest Disaster Recovery technologies, Nova Systems invested resources over the years to perfect its high-security systems and guarantee continuity of service to the benefit of the virtual and physical protection of the information handled by its server farm, which was sited in a building constructed in accordance with earthquake-resistance criteria on a floating base with REI 120 fire walls. “The server farm is monitored 24 hours a day, both on the premises and remotely by volumetric sensors, and is protected with burglar-proof locks activated automatically by magnetic sensors. To ensure the impossibility of unauthorised entry in the building, access control is achieved by fingerprints, with constant user registration, together with an internal video surveillance system,” concluded Avesani.

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Data: 07-08-2017

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