Nova Systems starts a new digital trend: The BeOne 5.0 global solution is born 

software beone 5.0 by nova systems

Increasingly interconnected companies, exchanging data and information quickly and securely, from all corners of the world and with innovative services to offer to their customers. The IT company Nova Systems has given a new boost to the sector, starting a new trend of digitization in international freight forwarding, transport, customs, and logistics, with the upcoming release, scheduled for late 2022, of the long-awaited BeOne software version: the BeOne 5.0 global solution. 

“We are proud to announce this digital breakthrough, which arises from the combination of three characteristics that set us apart: experience, attention and innovation. The ERP is designed for companies aiming to grow in an international, constantly changing context”, says the Nova Systems Business Developer Barbara Avesani. “There are no limits for companies that choose to use BeOne 5.0, thanks to technological infrastructures that can meet the needs of every type of company, both in terms of size and objectives. BeOne assumes therefore, to all intents and purposes, the features of a global solution. 

The Nova Systems management software becomes multi-company and multi-transport. “BeOne 5.0 supports information from different companies under the same corporate group in a single database. The default tables are therefore unique for all companies of the group and take into account the peculiarities of the individual companies,’ explains the Chief Software Architect Riccardo Tarocco. ‘A shipment involving several companies of the same corporate group will be managed as a unique entity, with a single shipment number. This will make it possible to achieve a straightforward, cross-group track & trace. It will no longer be necessary to enter the same data in several management systems or to transmit the information via EDI, thus avoiding interfaces and duplication of data”. 

The BeOne 5.0, Mr Tarocco continues, “will allow different types of transport and traffic sectors to be managed in a single shipment.” In the case of different companies, but belonging to the same holding company, an export shipment will become an import for the receiving one. For example, an air export shipment from an Italian company to its American branch will already be present in the air import module of the American company, with the same shipment number. The same shipment can then be processed as a sea export, still with the same shipment number. “The advantage is to have a single shipment, with unique tracking and the possibility of easily obtaining analytical accounting of each individual shipment, even if it is managed by different companies in the Group. 

The release will also include BeOne Geocoding, born from the integration of BeOne with Google Platform, which will allow users to further speed up data entry and increase data quality, taking full advantage of the Google Maps Platform solutions: any address can be geo-localised, removing all chance of error and optimising any trip. “Managed data has been enhanced to give companies the opportunity to expand into Business to Consumer. The BeOne user will in fact also be able to deal with the addresses of private customers, not just those of companies, so that B2C traffic can also be managed”. 

BeOne 5.0 also simplifies the connection between companies of the same group, which are also located in different countries. “The solution will be able to be used in the language of the user, in English, Spanish, Italian or French, but there will be the option of issuing documents in the language of each individual country, beyond the one chosen for the use of the Suite, “adds Tarocco, who emphasises a further important breakthrough introduced in BeOne 5.0: the adoption of the Qlik Sense platform for the development of Business Intelligence. “An innovation that will make it possible to customise reporting with the analysis, through dashboards created ad hoc, of statistics relating to operational data, economic-financial performance, and the results of commercial activities, both at the level of the individual company and at the consolidated group level. Since this is a global solution, we considered the need to be able to have group visibility even in the case of different units of measurement used and different currencies.  It will also be possible to monitor the performance of departments, with specific KPIs, while complying with GDPR regulations. 

In conclusion, Avesani remarks: “Besides dedicating ourselves to our work with great respect and passion, we are very ambitious, and this continually drives us to identify the best services to offer our customers. Through our global solution BeOne 5.0, our aim is now to support companies in the decisive challenge of corporate digitisation, so that we are once again ready and a step ahead of the times”. 


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