Nova Systems’ sustainable cloud grows: “Green City” project starts

nova green city

Nova Systems has recently started the project “Green City”. The IT company, headquartered in Verona with branches in Milan, Florence-Prato, and abroad in France, Spain and Malta, has partnered with the City of San Martino Buon Albergo, in the province of Verona, to plant tall native trees in one of the most popular nature trails in the area. “The intention is to allocate an amount for each of Nova Systems’ new customers in the future. The Municipality will provide to plant the trees inside the green areas, in the schools or in other areas that need to be populated”, explains the president Ivano Avesani, who together with the Business Developer Barbara Avesani and the Product Manager Stefano Avesani has carried out in the last days an overview along the cycle-pedestrian path.

This is the start of a new commitment shared between Nova Systems and its customers in providing a concrete contribution to an important cause, that of eco-sustainability. “We live in a time of great change and we have a duty to think about the next generation. In addition to the benefits of the cloud of our software for shipping and logistics BeOne, which has become a symbol of Green Logistics, from today Nova Systems intends to make itself useful through the project “Green city”, which involves the territory where our company has its headquarters,” continues the president Ivano Avesani, who announces: “We are also working to make our server farm completely powered by a photovoltaic system. It is the beating heart of our company, working 24/7, 365 days a year to guarantee connections with the entire world. This initiative represents another important step towards environmental sustainability for us.


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