Domestic road freight, Nuova Freccia dell’Adriatico meets the challenge of digitization with BeOne

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The digitization process is increasingly involving the world of logistics and transportation. Nuova Freccia dell’Adriatico has taken up the challenge and chosen Nova SystemsBeOne solution to optimize its workflow.  

Our recipe includes a strong presence in the territory and fruitful cooperation with various partners, both for IT services and at the business network level. This allows us to meet the needs of our clients in an efficient and timely manner

says Barbara Virgili, president of Nuova Freccia dell’Adriatico

Barbara Virgili - Presidente di Nuova Freccia dell'Adriatico

Barbara Virgili – President of Nuova Freccia dell’Adriatico

Your company is a unique partner for all national distribution needs. What are your main services? 
We offer accurate and timely national and international transportation service. We are present in Italy with four direct branches and serve the rest of the territory in cooperation with industry networks. Our transportation services are groupage, complete, semi-complete, dedicated, ADR goods, food at room temperature, and are complemented by integrated logistics, warehousing and third-party processing services. 


Nuova Freccia dell’Adriatico is part of OneExpress and CDS Group.
We have always collaborated with high-level partners, aiming to satisfy every need of our customers. We have chosen to join two networks that are synonymous with quality, because they give us the opportunity to serve territories that we directly could not have reached. We have always believed in this, so much so that we are among the founding members of the CDS Group and partners in OneExpress. 

About partners, what role does Nova Systems’ BeOne software solution play for you?
BeOne is the latest generation software solution that provides us with the innovative tools necessary for management control at every level. An ERP that allows us to optimize operational processes and control shipments immediately and constantly, with the possibility of offering new web services to our customers through the Collaboration Platform module. 

In transportation, speed and accuracy are priorities. How do you optimize your workflow with BeOne and in particular with the National Overland Module?
BeOne dialogues in real time with the management systems of our partners and customers, so we are able to give quick and accurate answers. All modules are important, to better manage the shipment of goods to destination. We also do very well in managing all events and additional services such as cash-on-delivery, floor delivery, cellar delivery, advance notice, GDO, ZTL, Adr and more. 

Nova Systems establishes a true partnership with its customers, so much so that it was on the recommendation of Nuova Freccia dell’Adriatico that the functionality related to quick billing screens was developed. 
Nova Systems has thoroughly researched how to make shipment entry automatic thanks to EDI, thus avoiding manual data entry. The shipment management was also made easier with a specially designed data entry window to be faster and user friendly. Ours was a specific request, to save time in entering shipment data, and this was made possible thanks to the availability of Nova Systems, in collaboration with our IT contacts. It is critical for us to have an ongoing dialogue with the IT service provider. Nova Systems over the years has proven to be ahead of the curve, thus a relationship of trust and a valuable exchange of information has been established, which then benefits the entire industry. 

Accounting, WMS, Collaboration Platform, Electronic Invoicing, CRM are some of BeOne’s other modules. Do you think the integration between the various modules is a point of advantage in daily operations?  
BeOne allows you to better organize your company thanks to the fully integrated modules between the operational and accounting parts. Another crucial aspect for us is perfect warehouse management, through the WMS, and web integration with our customers through the Collaboration Platform.  

Looking at the digitization of business processes, the demands of businesses have also changed. How do you think companies in the transportation industry should evolve with respect to the needs of the final customers?
Currently there is a continuous and very rapid evolution of the market. Final customers demand web services and timely responses. Therefore, companies need to become more and more efficient in executing transportation and especially provide integrated services between logistics and delivery, with correct and fast communication. The challenge is to be good at perceiving and anticipating new customer needs to provide solutions, including digital solutions, and thus prove to be effective and reliable partners.  

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