Simplify your transportation management thanks to BeOne

ftl-pianificazione viaggio a carico completo Full truck load transport

More and more companies in the national distribution sector are joining networks, with the aim of finding joint solutions and growing together in a world, that of transportation management, that is constantly evolving.

With BeOne software, the transmission of a shipment’s data between the company and the network becomes even faster and more efficient. All this is made possible thanks to the EDI system integrated into Nova Systems’ management system.

Thanks to our transportation management, BeOne, data do not have to be entered twice into different systems. Through EDI, information can be shared directly with the systems used by the networks.

This brings with it some, fundamental, advantages:

  • Data communication becomes faster and simplified;
  • The possibility of information loss is reduced to zero;
  • The chances of making mistakes are limited;
  • Shipments are managed and monitored from a single platform.
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