Software Business Intelligence, BeOne Analytics the key to business success

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Improve the performance of companies in the sector of international freight forwarders and logistics operators. This is the goal of Nova Systems’ BeOne Analytics Business Intelligence software. The key to success, according to the IT company specializing in Cloud solutions, is all in the innovative data processing module that analyzes the set of business processes from a strategic point of view, providing management with the tools to make the best decisions and plan the future of the company.

“BeOne’s Business Intelligence is synonymous with operational efficiency. When used effectively, it gives you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors to stay one step ahead of the market”, assures the Nova Systems project leader. The data collection system allows you to examine the performance achieved by your company, giving users the possibility to select filters to obtain a detailed overview of the performance of the company, individual branches or traffics.

“The data collected is processed and used to support the decisions of those who occupy management roles- says Avesani-. The information can be published with different detail and hierarchical levels for any other business function: marketing, sales, finance, personnel or others. A system that allows targeted KPIs analysis, to understand the company’s performance trend, generate forecast evaluations, hypothesize future scenarios and response strategies.


What are the strengths of BI?

The strength of BeOne’s Business Intelligence is represented by the direct connection between the different modules of the solution. In particular, BeOne Analytics is integrated with TMS, WMS, Management Control, Customs Operations, Document Management System and much more. “The integration with the Collaboration Platform also allows our customers to make data relating to shipments entrusted to the company available to their customers”, continues Avesani.

BeOne Analytics provides analytics dashboards that allow you to analyze data relating to traffic and shipments. The dashboards are decided in the configuration phase: each BeOne user is shown only the information for their area of competence. BeOne Analytics also allows data analysis in relation to historical company information, which is stored in the system.

According to the Nova Systems project leader, there are many advantages of BeOne Analytics Business Intelligence software. “The accurate and timely data processing provided by BeOne Analytics reduces the time taken by management to make strategic business decisions. In addition, the company’s performance indicators (KPIs analysis) are immediately available and constantly updated. This gives the user the opportunity to know the data in real time and to intervene to resolve any critical issues in a targeted manner”. To help increase the effectiveness of BeOne Analytics, Nova Systems offers the NovAcademy service. To get a proper knowledge of the software and exploit its full potential, you can follow the webinars held by some industry experts.

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