The innovative Nova Systems’ services for corporate communication

A real marketing agency and a new module of BeOne are available for companies
BeOne Communications Management

Corporate communication is deeply impacting the transport and logistics sector. Establishing a direct line with customers has become essential. From now on, this is possible thanks to Nova Systems’ Communications Management. The software house has created a new communication management platform developed directly inside the BeOne suite, that enables customers to send e-Mail Marketing campaigns, Newsletters, Spot Offers and SMS to a profiled database, personalized as you wish. Nova Systems has also created MkT Communication, an actual marketing and communication agency, alongside BeOne’s users, to help them improve their communication.

“We are sure this is the future for the field of logistics operators and forwarders. We have developed a BeOne module that allows our customers to communicate in an easy and effective way, through innovative tools – as explained by Nova Systems’ Chief Software Architect, Riccardo Tarocco. The Communications Management makes employees independent in managing and sending releases and targeted e-Mail Marketing campaigns. All this is possible thanks to distinct and captivating templates, that the final user can implement and manage directly”. Thanks to the Communications Management, you can use e-Mail Marketing and create commercial messages, such as Spot Offers. The content of e-mails can include images and links that lead directly to the Collaboration Platform. The Spot Offers sent to the customers can be confirmed by a simple click. “These tools enable companies to be closer to their own customers at any time and anyplace, saving time and money and offering an extremely professional service. Moreover, a greater visibility of offers is granted, with the consequent increase of confirmed transactions – declares Tarocco.

The Communications Management is integrated with BeOne’s database. This means saving time and human resources in setting up offers and communications, since the activation is immediate once the contract has been signed”. Through the Data Mining process, that is the extraction in real time of data from the native database, the user feeds mailing lists of recipients, taking them from the contacts registered in the related customer codes. In the customer data qualification process, that can be activated in BeOne’s CRM module, it is possible to validate single contacts, so as to get correct and reliable information. “It is possible to filter researches according to several elements. Through the Data Mining functions, the user can also manage the distribution lists, which permit you to organize your contacts and send emails to groups of people, without having to enter each time individual addresses”, adds Tarocco. The Bounce management, that is the non-delivery of email to the recipient, is also directly verified in BeOne. Once the system corrects the contact in the related customer code, the message is mailed once again to all addresses that have been modified.

“In the same way, it is also possible to manage Shipments Tracking without authentication. Though the Communications Management module, Shipments Status Update are sent, and, by clicking on the link in the email, it is possible to access the Tracking detail – continues Nova Systems’ Chief Software Architect. This is particularly useful in the B2C world, where the subjects involved are not codified, but simply mentioned in the shipment’s data”. Once the communications have been sent to the list, it is possible to analyse the results of e-Mail Marketing campaigns thanks to the integration between Communications Management and BeOne Analytics.

The MkT Communication project was born for those companies that wish to use Web Marketing as a strategic activity and level up, in order to compete with the best companies on the market. A real marketing and communication agency specialized in the field of international forwarding, transportation, customs and logistics, to encourage its customers to become industry leaders – underlines the Nova Systems’ Marketing Manager, Lucia Scandola. Web marketing is an effective and necessary tool for those companies that want to communicate news and sales offers in a successful way. Starting from the configuration of their communication to customers, we can create a strategy that enhances companies”.

MkT Communication can manage several services for the companies: identifying a communication strategy, creating Web Design and Landing Pages, optimizing Seo & Adv, improving redemption on Social Media, e-Mail Marketing and Automation’s activation, planning Press Office and Content Creation activities. And also, Graphic Design, Infographic, Video, Virtual Reality and Fairs and Events organization. “Communicating, and knowing how to do it right, is increasingly important, but only a few companies in logistics and transportation invest wisely in this strategic area. This is the most favourable moment to promote your corporate image and to study an effective positioning, to overcome obstacles and excel in a constantly evolving market”, concludes Scandola.

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