Within the Beone Air freight management, there are a whole suite of services

The Nova Systems software allows total control over all the phases of international shipments
air freight management BeOne

Nova Systems, the Information Technology Company, has enriched the BeOne in-cloud solution with a new module for air freight management. The Transportation Management System – Air of BeOne joins the other products created by the Research and Development Center of Nova Systems for the needs of maritime forwarding agents, transporters, logistic operators and customs brokers.

In this way, the technological revolution of Nova Systems continues. The IT firm has the goal of playing a leading role in the in-depth transformation that Logistics 4.0 is undergoing. “Our main objective is to simplify the job of international forwarding agents and logistic operators, thanks to a complete and efficient suite”, says the Project Leader of Nova Systems Stefano Avesani.

The management software allows you to keep the entire chain of information under control:  from CRM to Spot offers, all the way to Air Sync, which updates and synchronizes cost rates of airline companies, and to the management of the CASS, with the automatic import of invoices. “In particular the BeOne software for Air freight forwarders was created by keeping in mind the IATA governed procedures and gives valuable support in directing all operations:  through different types of dossiers one can manage direct or consolidated shipments, by issuing AWB, HWAB and Manifest documents and electronically sending air waybill (e-freight), explains Avesani.”

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The “Air operations” and “Air consolidation” functionalities allow control over all the phases of the shipment in a precise and efficient manner (printing of documents, transmission of data through EDI, filling the documentation, invoicing and control of forecast costs). The air TMS contains special functionalities that bring many important advantages to the users. Starting from the BeOne Air Sync, which allows you to update and synchronize airline company rates.  Thanks to AirSync you obtain the Freight costs, the additional charges and taxes for every single airline configured in the synchronization.  All this automatically, avoiding the difficult and lengthy operation of manually filling the freight costs fields. “From now on the client will not need to find the data by browsing the books containing cost tariffs, as is up till now.

The result is a great reduction of the time dedicated to the operation and a reduction of the possible mistakes”, ensures the Project Leader of Nova Systems. BeOne Air Freight Management already allows the user to send air waybills (e-Freight) to the different companies, containing the related documentation, through dedicated FWB and FHL messages. e-Freight seeks to, through innovative electronic messages, build an automatized and standardized process to manage the air shipment of goods, with the aim of cutting back on the use of paper. Thanks to BeOne, finally, each forwarding agent can manage the AWB stock at his disposal, viewing the number of air waybills remaining and those which have been already used, and oversee the CASS Settlements, to create in a fast and automatic way the monthly reports of airline companies.

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