A Business Continuity ally

business continuity

Safeguarding workers while maintaining the same operational performance: a squaring of the circle that only smart working has been able to guarantee in many cases during the months of emergency. Bianchi & C. and Brigl Group told us about their experience. Common denominator: the Nova Systems cloud technology. 

The Power of Smart Working 

“Offering solutions and services in cloud, for us the transition to smart working and full digitalisation happened naturally and we put ourselves completely by the side of our customers to solve all the possible problems they faced in the transition to the new mode,” explains Barbara Avesani, international sales manager of Nova Systems, a Verona-based software house specialising in cloud solutions for logistics, freight forwarding, transport and customs management based on the BeOne platform, a cloud software. 

The first step was to provide the free licences necessary to enable devices of those working from home to connect to the data centre at the Verona server farm. Then the setting up of a real task force to support customers: “During the first weeks of the lockdown, our team of IT managers supported the IT department of our customers or, in the case of less structured companies, substituted for it in the constant contact with the employees facing difficulties and solving the main problems, many of which were related to the vulnerability of home networks.” 

New digitalisation frontiers to ensure business continuity 

Paradoxically, the distancing favoured communication and digitisation, making it easier to overcome the unavoidable obstacles. “All hierarchies skipped: the cross-connection at all levels allowed us to further enhance the relationship with the user of our solution,” emphasises Mario Miriamoli, Nova Systems’ Sales Director. “The users were able to fully exploit all modules and thus all the potential of our solution, and we are now witnessing the birth of a new working method that will remain even when this emergency is finally behind us”. 

Un alleato per la Business Continuity


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