All the information in one place thanks to the CRM software

Customer relationships as a growth opportunity

CRM function in strong demand

The Verona-based Italian 1T company Nova Systems has been set on its growth and expansion path for a while now. Following the opening of its Paris branch office two years ago, which has developed well so far, Nova Systems is aiming to strongly develop its European markets, launching its second French branch in Marseille to this end. Nova Systems president Ivano Avesani told the IT] recently that “our new Marseille branch will improve our presence at the heart of the European market and achieve a more in-depth international outlook.” Besides France – and its Italian home market, of course – another key focus for the firm is on Spain, where it has a presence both in Madrid and in Barcelona.

International growth will help Nova spread its BeOne software solution for forwarders, transporters, customs handlers as well as logisticians. Among BeOne’s most frequently requested functions is its customer relationship management tool (CRM). It Nova Systems president Ivano Avesani. manages contacts with clients and potential clients in an organized way, files the information and makes it available for spot offers according to specifics needs. “The CRM tool is a fondamenta! instrument for logisticians. It allows managers to profile clients by category and characteristics that can be managed by the user and the administration, thereby facilitating commerciai activities,” Avesani continues. He adds that this is an advantage for companies in constantly evolving markets such as the transport and logistics industry, as CRM enables them to link in to new opportunities and thus encourages growth. Nova’s president says that BeOne’s CRM gets better, the more documents are fed into it, including spot offers, visit reports, business cards, routing requests, reminders, leads and commerciai recommendations. “For CRM to be used to its full potential, a virtuous relationship has to exist between managers and the technology division.” Upgrades in the pipeline CRM is integrateci into ali ofBeOne’s modules, including TMS and WMS. Moreover, BeOne has electronic document filing and business intelligence capacities. Technology is integrateci with communications for ali contacts with a client. Through data extraction from CRM, BeOne can analyse data for personalized offers. Nova Systems is planning to add further new functions to its logistics software packages this year.



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