An entire Suite of services to manage air freight forwarding

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Nova Systems, an Information Technology company, has enhanced its BeOne cloud solution with a new module to manage air freight forwarding. The Air Transportation Management System (TMS) is a new service designed by Nova Systems’ Research and Development Centre for freight forwarders, hauliers, logistics and customs operators. This continues the technological revolution launched by the company. “We aim to play a leading role in the deep transformation that is sweeping Logistics 4.0.” “Our main objective is to simplify the work of international freight forwarders and logistics operators, thanks to a complete and efficient Suite,” says Nova Systems Project Leader Stefano Avesani.

The airfreight management software allows you to have the entire information chain under control: from CRM to Spot Offers, through to Air Sync, which updates and synchronises the tariffs of the various airlines, and Cass management, with the automated import of airline invoices.

” In particular, the Air Freight TMS of BeOne has been realised taking into account the procedures regulated by IATA and provides a decisive support to manage all operations: through the several types of files, direct or consolidated shipments can be managed, with the issuing of AWB, HAWB and Manifest and the telematic dispatch of airline policies (e-Freight),” explains Avesani.

The ‘Air Operative’ and ‘Air Groupage’ functionalities allow precise and timely management of the shipment phases (printing of the various operational documents, sending data via EDI, valuation of files, invoicing and verification of budgeted costs). The Air Freight TMS also includes special services that bring with them some important advantages for operators.

Starting with Air Sync from BeOne, which enables the updating and synchronisation of the freight forwarders’ specific airline rates. Thanks to Air Sync, freight costs, surcharges and fees are acquired for each individual airline configured for synchronisation. All this is done automatically, avoiding the difficulties of entering the costs of the different airlines by hand and eliminating time-consuming and laborious operations. “The customer thus avoids manually searching for data by browsing through received rates in paper form, as was usual until now. The result is a considerable reduction in the time spent on the operation and the risk of errors,” assures the Nova Systems Project Leader.

BeOne is already integrated to allow airfreight policies (e-Freight) to be sent to the various companies, via FWB and FHL messages, with the related documentation. The e-Freight aims to build an automated and standardised process for air freight forwarding, to eliminate the paper use wherever possible, via a special framework and innovative electronic messages.

Thanks to BeOne, the AWB stocks available to the freight forwarder can also be managed, with a view of the number of policies remaining and those that have been used, and the ‘CASS statements’ function can be set up to quickly and automatically create monthly statements for airline companies.




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